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TrackingB Names TV Contest Winner

Jackass Flats, by Matt Ferrone & Stacia Black, has been named the winner of the TrackingB Original TV Pilot Contest.

Updated: 07/22/2016 Full Story

Lit Manager Conrad Sun offers Story Engine Webinar

Conrad Sun, who'll be accepting pitches via the MovieBytes partnership with Roadmap Writers on Sunday, July 24th , is offering a free recorded Story Engine webinar. Mr. Sun, manager from Meridian Artists and owner of www.filmescape.com, will be breaking down what a story engine is and how you can make sure your engine is golden. He will be going over story engines for Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, Orange is the New Black, Back to the Future and Tootsie.

Updated: 07/17/2016 Full Story

Page Names Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for The Page International Screenwriting Awards, representing the top 10% of all entries in this year's contest.

Updated: 07/15/2016 Full Story

Scriptapalooza Fellowship Announces 2016 Recipient

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship program has announced their 2016 Fellowship recipient, Inger Dietrichs. Her script is called Audnvin and she was awarded a five-day screenwriting retreat in Costa Rica with Award-Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger.

Updated: 07/03/2016 Full Story

CineStory Names 2016 Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 2016 CineStory Screenwriting Fellowship. Each semifinalist is in the running for the grand prize of the CineStory Fellowship, and is invited to the CineStory Retreat taking place in Idyllwild, CA, from October 15th-October 18th, 2016.

Updated: 07/01/2016 Full Story

Shore Scripts Names Short Film Fund Winner

LIFT, by Claire Fowler, about a Muslim Uber driver who make an unexpected connection when she picks up her polar opposite, has been named the Shore Scripts Short Film Fund Winner.

Updated: 07/01/2016 Full Story

Shore Scripts Names Short Film Fund Finalists

Shore Scripts has named 13 finalists for their first-ever Short Film Fund.

Updated: 06/27/2016 Full Story

Script Pipeline Names 2016 Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the 2016 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition. Semifinalists will be announced on June 24th.

Updated: 06/16/2016 Full Story

Diverse Voices Names Contest Finalists

Diverse Voices, presented by WeScreenplay and focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories, has named their Screenplay Contest Finalists for 2016.

Updated: 06/15/2016 Full Story

WildSound Names Feature Screenplay Winner for June, 2016

Updated: 06/14/2016 Full Story

WildSound Names TV Winners for June, 2016

Updated: 06/14/2016 Full Story

WildSound Names June, 2016 Short Screenplay Winners

Updated: 06/13/2016 Full Story

Pitching Tips from Panay Films' Jared Iacino

Jared Iacino is the Vice President of Film and Television Development at Panay Films, a film and television production company whose credits include Wedding Crashers (2005), starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, Van Wilder (2002) starring Ryan Reynolds, and Serendipity (2001), starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

Updated: 06/07/2016 Full Story

Free Webinar with Odd Lot Entertainment's Aldo Chang

Odd Lot Entertainment's Aldo Chang, available to hear pitches through MovieBytes partnership with Roadmap Writers, will be hosting a free webinar this Sunday, June 12th, entitled Tips on Writing a Compelling Thriller.

Updated: 06/06/2016 Full Story

CineStory Names 2016 Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the 2016 CineStory Screenwriting Awards.

Updated: 05/27/2016 Full Story

WildSound TV Names May Contest Winners

Updated: 05/20/2016 Full Story

WildSound Names Winning Features for May, 2016

Updated: 05/18/2016 Full Story

ScreenCraft Names Fellowship Winners

ScreenCraft has announced the recipients of their 3rd annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship. Presented by Final Draft, the fellowship is designed to advance the careers of talented screenwriters through ongoing consultation and introductions to key entertainment executives and talent representatives.

Updated: 05/18/2016 Full Story

Writers and Filmmakers Competition Names Winning Script

Filmmaker Shekhar Bassi, named the winner of the Writers and Filmmakers Competition for his film, "NO LOVE LOST", has selected The Invention, by Dennis Hennessey, as the winning screenplay.

Updated: 05/17/2016 Full Story

WeScreenplay Announces Diverse Voices Semifinalists

WeScreenplay has announced the Semifinalists for their Diverse Voices Screenplay Competition, which raised $1,437 for the Books for Kids Foundation.

Updated: 05/17/2016 Full Story

Cinequest Names Contest Winners

Wheelman by Jeremy Rush has been named the Feature Script Winner of the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition. Shiva by Vishnu Sekar won the Short Script Competition, and the TV Script Winners were Brooklyn Bus by RJ Marx (60-minutes) and Patient by M. Rowan Meyer (30-minutes).

Updated: 05/16/2016 Full Story

Screenplay Search Names Contest Winner

Gap Year, by Caroline K. Hill, has been named the winner of the Screenplay Search Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 05/12/2016 Full Story

Scriptapalooza Winner in Theaters

Scriptapalooza's 2006 Grand Prize Winning screenplay, "Can't Live With 'Em" has been produced under the title "Love Addict", and will be released in theaters in 10 U.S. cities on Friday, May 13.

Updated: 05/09/2016 Full Story

Writers and Filmmakers Names Top Films and Scripts

Filmmaker Shekhar Bassi has been named the winner of the Writers and Filmmakers Competition for his film, "NO LOVE LOST", and will now select the top script from top 10 screenplay submissions.

Updated: 04/27/2016 Full Story

Interview with 1st TV Contest Winner Chuck Griffith

An alumnus of Columbia University, where he received his B.A. and M.A., Chuck Griffith studied television directing on the set of HBO's "Six Feet Under" with director Kathy Bates, and the single camera sitcom "Undeclared" on FOX with director Greg Mottola. Chuck also served as a producer for MTV's popular award-winning reality series, "Made" in 2007 and 2008.

Updated: 04/27/2016 Full Story

“Making it” Means Making Magic

I don't know why you got into the business of writing, of grasping at words to explain the images in your brain, and editing within an inch of your life. For most, it's a kind of call, a transcendent purpose. Otherwise, who would chose to subject themselves to continual criticism, knowing their project will always need more work and never feel up to par? Not to mention the constant struggle to "make it" without anyone really defining what "making it" means, beyond an agent and a job on a show. (And once you get that, there's a whole bevy of problems beyond the wall.)

Updated: 04/21/2016 Full Story

WILDsound Names April, 2016 Feature Screenplay Winners

WILDSound has announced its 3 Feature Screenplay Winners for April 2016.

Updated: 04/20/2016 Full Story

Scriptapalooza Semifinalist Has Screenplay Optioned

Scriptapalooza Semifinalist Richard Willett, who wrote the 2015 runner-up screenplay THE FLID SHOW, has had his script 9/10 optioned by producer David Kassin Fried.

Updated: 04/18/2016 Full Story

Fresh Voices Names Screenplay Competition and Spotlight Award Winners

City In The Sun by Nadeem Rajwani has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

Updated: 04/15/2016 Full Story

Aura Names 2015 Contest Winners

The AURA Screenwriter Awards has announced the winners of the 2015 competition in the Feature Screenplay, Original TV Pilot, and Short Screenplay categories.

Updated: 04/12/2016 Full Story

Acclaim Names Fall/Winter 2015 Screenplay Winners

MENAGERIE, by Diana Mitchell & Linda Mitchell, has been named the winner of the 2015 Fall/Winter Acclaim Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 04/12/2016 Full Story

Acclaim Names Fall/Winter TV Winners

Winners for the Acclaim TV Fall/Winter Script Writing Competition have been announced.

Updated: 04/12/2016 Full Story

FilmMakers.com Names Feature Script Finalists

FilmMakers.com has named the finalists for the 14th Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards.

Updated: 04/11/2016 Full Story

1st TV Script Writing Competition Announces Winners

Filmmakers.com has announced the winners of the 1st TV Script Writing Competition.

Updated: 04/07/2016 Full Story

PAGE Award Winner's Movie Premieres

Ginia Desmond's feature film LUCKY U RANCH, based on her PAGE Award-winning short film script GROWING PAINS, will premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival on Saturday, April 9.

Set in 1953, LUCKY U RANCH is the story of 11-year-old Junior McCaully, who's ready to call it quits. Chubby, bullied, and stuck at a dead-end Arizona trailer court with his hardworking mom, nothing prepares him for the arrival of Melissa, a sophisticated Hollywood girl who changes everything. Directed by Steve Anderson and produced by Ginia Desmond and Douglas Raine, the movie features Trevor Robins, Donovan Droege, Harris Kendall, and Michael A. Candela in the starring roles. It was filmed on location in Tucson, Arizona.

Updated: 04/07/2016 Full Story

BlueCat Screenplay Competition Announces 2016 Winners

Oreathia C. Smith's screenplay, MONA. RICHY. ROBBY. AND RAY, has been selected as the winner of the 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Smith's script was selected from 4,523 submissions and will be awarded a $15,000 cash prize. Smith received an MFA in Writing at USC in 2011.

Updated: 04/06/2016 Full Story

BlueCat Announces Feature Contest Winner

Mona. Richy. Robby. And Ray. by Declan Holliman has been named the $15,000 Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 03/30/2016 Full Story

Emerging Screenwriters Names Shoot Your Short Competition Winner

Going Home by Nir Shelter has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Short Competition.

Updated: 03/30/2016 Full Story
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