Filmmatic Names Horror Screenplay Award Winners

Jai Brandon has been named the winner of The Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards for his dark and edgy feature Whispers from the Watchtower, which features the host of a popular skeptic/debunking radio show as he works alongside a reluctant psychic in a hectic last-ditch attempt to find his missing daughter.

Season 4 Overall Winner
Jai Brandon Whispers from the Watchtower

Mike Stern, Mid-Century
Paul Sheridan, The Monster of Perfect, California
John Darbonne, Companion
Robert Ward, The Funny Farm
Clay Fusco, Pamela Chiacchiaro, Muse in the Mazeum
Lyndal, Simpson Possum
Chris ONeill, Ghost Hunt
John Saunders, Daughters of Artemis
Audrey Wilson, Daniel Quinlan, Human Condition
Logan Shaw, Hero of the Good Land

Russell Southam, Brian Kazmarck, The Toyol
Gregory Williamson, Occult
Jason Chuyko, Cane
Harrison Pierce, Unholy Child
Jai Brandon, Whispers from the Watchtower
Paul Sheridan, Convergence
Ryan Curtin, Flagpole
Richard Adrian, Murderhorn
Scott Hawthorne, Mortal Coil
Craig Lew, 13 Reflections
Devin Lucas, Moonshine
Doug Mallette, The Horrors of Public Access
Clay Fusco, Pamela Chiacchiaro, Muse in the Mazeum
Jonathan Westbrook, The Haunting on Lovely Street
Connor Savage, Cold Was The Ground
Mark Fogarty, The Drowning Pig
Mya Baker, Soul Doll
Janet Hetherington, Black Goose
Dan Riesser, Mike Kinshella Junkyard
Derrick Coy, Cards to Die For
Philippe D'Imperio, Brother, Why Did You Kill Me?
Dane McCauley, Darkness, Darkness
Andy Kozel, The Villa Rosa
Jess Gupta, Bare Metal
Tim Koomen, Burn the Neon Cross
Sam Watson, The Devil and His Blues
Andrew Dean, Pearson The Depths Below
Chris Pittas, Profile
Andrew Marshall, Fallout
ShaDon Manigault, Boone Hall
Mary Farmer, Greg Stolze, Careful, She Bites
Ervin Anderson, Annalise
Raza Rizvi, The Well
Eric Jacobo, Babble
A.S. Engerson, Hysteria
Robert Milner, The Flately Faeries
Sebastian Watson, Six-13
Nicholas Varga, The Smiley Face Murder Theory
Rhonda R Deskins, Ellie's Tale
Heather Farlinger, Blood, Blood - Horror Anthology
Mikal Whitney Ewing, The Crosses We Bear
John-Paul Panelli, It's Forgiveness I Lack
Schuyler Brumley, It' Girl
Harry Kakatsakis, Shadow City
Peter Angritt, Revenge of the Amazon
Christopher Datta, The Demon Stone
Sean Buckley, The Desolation of Stoneheir, Alaska
Joe Vallese, Intended
Meg Swertlow, No Overnight Parking
James Sweeney, From Here
Brent Hartinger, Bad Listing
Brian Hershkowitz, Fun, Fun, Fun
Joey Capuana, Hex
Jefferson C Robinson, The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Michael McCoy, The Rites of Salem
Julia Campanelli, The Paisley Witch Trial
Erin Kelly, Honeymoon
Erick Freitas, Apex
Timothy Bryan, The Huntsman of Corvinus
Alan Loubeau, Mike Meyerson, Miscreations
Matt Nye, Venor
Bradley King, Zeb Wells, The Demon Factory
Eduardo Soto-Falcon, Dhampira
Edward James Anderson, Organelle
Don Stroud, Restoration
Gavin Paul Carter, Dark Gene
Jason Preston, On The List
Marc Roussel, Remote
Chris Sun, Brendan Byrne, Our Social Playground
Brendon Udy, Underground
Toby Moses, Scarlett
Luke Thomas, Shell
Romon Rivero, Night Birds
Elia Petridis, Lorenzo Manetti, Sid & Baby
Karl Mather, Bad Sugar
Les Zig, Punishment
Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin, Do Not Feed
Shaunya Boddie, Fly Girls
Scarlett Camargo, Rob Alicea, Karanormal
Lonnie Martin Maynard, Came Back
Dave Campfield, Awaken the Reaper
Nick Carmine, How I Learned to Blog Like a Champ After the End of the World
Samuel Taylor, At the Mercy of Faith
Stephen Kayfish Final Hours
Phillip E Hardy, Dracula, ...For Television
Lachlan Marks, The Dead Ends
Mark C. Spera, Snarl
Jordan Galland, Devil's Fork
Nich Witham, Live Like A Legend
Sean-Paul Cairns, Cold Heart
Anthony Ford, The Last Guard
Guy Quigley, The Master's Son
The Far Corner, Dawn G Ireland
Bradley Stryker, Twisted Games
Scott Kenyon, Barker Red Moon
Paul Corricelli, Inked in Blood
Matthew Barker, They Will Come For You
Vasco Saraiva, Habitat
Sandi Steinberg, Skin
Robert Forsberg, Serial Killers Anonymous

Updated: 02/06/2020