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American Gem Short Script Contest & Literary Festival

American Gem Short Script Contest & Literary Festival /Partner: Write Brothers - 10th Edition


Attention: C/O FilmMakers Magazine LitFest
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Web: Click here

Contact: Jennifer Brooks, Director

Report Card

Overall: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars (4.1/5.0)
Professionalism: 4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars (4.4/5.0)
Feedback: 1 star (1.0/5.0)
Signficance: 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars (3.4/5.0)
Report Cards: 38    
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To promote and support new talent by creating real and original opportunities.

Deadline/Entry Fees

Deadline Date Entry Fee Days till Deadline
Early November 30, 2013 Short Script: $35/$39; Students: $19/$25 (if 3-45 pgs/46-65 pgs.). Short Story: $19/$25; Students: $15/$19 (up to 20 pgs or 5000 words/21-50 pgs or 12500 words)
Regular January 31, 2014 Short Script: $39/$45; Students: $19/$25 (if 3-45 pgs/46-65 pgs.). Short Story: $25/$29; Students: $15/$19 (up to 20 pgs or 5000 words/21-50 pgs or 12500 words)
Late March 15, 2014 Short Script: $45/$49; Students: $25/$29 (if 3-45 pgs/46-65 pgs.). Short Story: $29/$35; Students: $19/$25 (up to 20 pgs or 5000 words/21-50 pgs or 12500 words)
Final April 30, 2014 Short Script: $49/$55; Students: $25/$29 (if 3-45 pgs/46-65 pgs.). Short Story: $35/$39; Students: $19/$25 (up to 20 pgs or 5000 words/21-50 pgs or 12500 words) 11

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Short Script Category
  • Cash Prizes
    • 1ST PLACE: $1000
    • 2ND PLACE: $ 250
    • 3RD PLACE: $ 150
    • 4TH PLACE: $ 100
    • 5TH PLACE: $ 50
  • Top three win screenwriting software from write brothers.
  • 1st place wins in depth studio story notes with a professional script analyst. Sponsored by greenlight script coverage.
  • Winner gets to pitch script to producers plus free admission pass to the great american pitch fest**
  • 1st place winner receives emerging artist award plaque for best short screenplay of the year.
  • Top 25 short scripts will each receive a certificate of achievement award (digital format via email).
Short Story Category
  • Cash prize
    • 1st place: $250
  • 1st place winner receives emerging artist award for best short story of the year.
  • Top 3 win writing software (dramatica pro) from write brothers.
  • Top 3 will each receive a certificate of achievement award (digital format via email).

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News: American Gem Short Script Contest & Literary Festival

American Gem Announces Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition:

(All Categories in alphabetical order)

8th Grade Casanovas by Adam Lederer
A Briefs Encounter by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
A Christmas Call by Olenka Mar
A Difference of 25 Cents by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
A Long Way by Sri Charan
A Woman's World by Ron Adams
Addicts Abuse by Pat Bradley
Age by Geoffrey Uhl
And Just Like That by Deborah Palmer
Animal Somnambulism by Matthew Allcock
Answer a Prayer by Tamsin Archer
Assisted Living by Graham Currin
Barter with God by Lusie Swain
Being Alert by Amina Fatmo
BLACK POINT by Mara Masolini
Blown To Smithereens, Circa May, 1963 by Paul Adamian
Blue Balloon by Heather Langone
Born Free by Derek Fungh
Bubbles and Perks by Olga Artemyeva
Cadenza by Luke Affholter
Christmas in May by Adan Noritsugu
Clayton Christmas and the Apocalypse by John Kelley
Crossing by Ranferi Salguero
Cure for Love by Samantha Risman
Danceville by Emily Hu
Dawn by Robert Kuang
Dead Peasants by Scott Seger
Depth of Feel by Bradford Willis & Anne Dunkin
Diamond Dealers by Ramin Nematollahi
Ensemble by Luke Affholter
Eternity For All by Tib Don
Every Escape Imaginable by Nick Butler
Fake Empire by Kim Putman
Family Values by Jeremy Rosete
Fastest Draw by Gary Power
Fermi's Blackboard by Don Lorincz
Flakes on a Plane by Stephen B.D. MacLeod
Friends and Pizza by Deidra Johnson
Gestures of the Heart by David Allman
Golden by Kjell Kvanbeck
Haven't We Met Before? by Kevin Silva
Heaven at Last by Edward Hu
Heed The Sign by Michael Pallotta
HER EYES by Gregory Hinson
He's a Natural by Carl Louis Jones
Hindsight by Ryan Sasinowski
Hip Hop Kung Fu by Keith Fraser
In Pursuit of Liberty by Keith Fraser
Inch-Thick Plaster by Daniel Glaza
INCIDENT ON 1-95 by Fred Perry
Inner Journey by Bill Sarre
Insanity by Javier Otero
Jay by Nima Ghamari
Jesus Saves! by Howard Trinton
Jury From Hell by Ashley Jacoby
KEYS by Paula Smith
Kids With Konditions by Laura Renee Hoel
King David by David Allen
Last Kiss by Mark Bento
Last Ride of The Carver by Eric Borden
Learn from mistakes by Alon Bar
Learning To Love by Cassandra Strong
Life is a Train Wreck by Jon Gardam
Little Lies by Ron Adams
Loveless Triangle by Katarina Kosciewicz
Men of Color by Mike Kearby
Milo's Circus by Jane and Joseph Wickline
Momfia by Dean Watts
My Diary is About You by Peter Hall
My Piece Of Sky by Richa Yadav
Neo-Slavery (Democratic Digital Dominion) by Neil valentine
Next of Sin by Lisa J Gordon
No Cigarettes in Space!! by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Noble Rot by Benjamin Mennell
Other People's Jewelry by Katherine Foxman
Over Acting by Nathan Arentoft
Pen Perry Stop Loss (An Ode to Alec Baldwin) by Ron Podell
Perfect Miss by Karen Wilson
Pigmen by William Wested
Pipe Dream by Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Played by Brandon Dutton
Playing with balls by Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
Plop Plop Fizz Fizz by Armando Vazquez
Praise and Blame by Major Wayne H. Geschwindt
Prayers Work by Keith Brokas
Pretend Friends by Matthew Allcock
Rent and Werewolves by Danisha C. Bethune
Repeat Offender by Joan Philo
Run Away From Home by Nolan Cotru
Scratch and Scream by Sara Kay
Seeing Red by Margaret Stone
September Blues by Robert Aebi
Sepulcher by Cody Colin Chase
Seven In One Blow by Stuart Creque
Shady Tree-Lined Streets by Jean Stawarz
Shoeniverse by Geoffrey Uhl
Silence by Alberto Valenzuela
Sleepless Boy by Tracey Bell
Sleight of Hand by Ben Fiore
Smile Baby, Smile by Clint Johnson
Sock Star by Ryan Wetz
SOLDIER by Jonathan Draxton
Something To Fear by Brian Smith
Spider Daddy by Wayne E. Johnson
Spin Away by Jere Shircliff
Splash & Dash by Dan Dziurman and Scott Marcano
Stay In or Keep Out! by Melisa Jones
Stolen by Jane Archer
Storytime by Angel Nunez
Strangers We Are by Sam Williams SUN MOON STARS RAIN by Greg Wait
Take Down by William Lees
Target Practice by Dean Louvre
Tea Time by Antoine Trudeau
Territorial Seekers by Gayla Myers
Terror Of Old Pearsall Road by John Michael Nabers
The Ballad of Buckshot Horne (Has No Room for Gloria) by Ethan Warren
The Black Book Diaries by Rosi McGovern
The Boy by Eric Hunsley
The Callback by Alex Zelenty
The Chocolate Kandinsky by Suzanne Griffin
The Devil's Game by Nick and Andrew Fortunato
The Dilemma Game by Richard Layton
The Docks by John Jack McGuire
The Double and Grace Jones by Jane Michener
The Fourth Teaspoon by Tim Morgan
The Girl I Used To Know by Robert Michaels
The Good Life by Sarah L Leamy
The Handsome Goldigger by Craig Halasz
The Heart of The Kingdom by Trino De La Torre
The In-Your-Face Life of an American by Adam Tawfik
THE ISLAND by Brian MacEvilly
The Ladder by Faisal Qureshi
The Lady and the Help by David Russell
The Last One to Fall by Patrick Wetherbee
The Legend of Slink E. Weesel by Michael Pallotta
The Meeting Place by Shawn Blane
The Other Line by Luke Affholter
The Overcoat by Aimee Vincent
The Ride by Sue Donaldson & Robin Brooks & Ash Calder & Bry Troyer
The Spirit Upwelling by Linda Boroff
The Stellar Councel by Lisa J Gordon
THE TEAM HATES by Michael S. Jenkins
The Toothless King by Moushumi Angre
The Unforgettable Spark: The First Day in the Life of the World's Greatest Band by Gregory Brehm
The Unveiling of a Toxic Generation by yvonne conner
The Will to Have by elyn Tacien
They Built the Moon by Andrew Wickstrom
THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT by David J Schroeder and Fawzy Zablah
Tie Me to the House by Vickie Mayored
To Stay is To Die! by Rebecca Hart
Totally Awesome Dude: Tad Saves the Arcade by Ryan Magnon
Tower of Love by Christina Matucci
Toy Chest by Jake Cambron
Transhumans by Alex Sobol
Trumpet by Ben Cleary
Twelve Full Moons by Eric Borden
TWIN GRAVES by Paul Ellington
Two Guys by Chris Mueller
Universe Episode 1: The Discovery by Abdala Marta Susana
What Goes Around Twice by Jaquie Tamsin
Wisdom of the Ancients by Mark Perlick
Wounds of the Soul by Planeth Hanerji
Writer's Block by Andrey Shevyakov
Xtreme Bocce Ball: Bocce Outside The Box by Brandon Fischer
Zombie Love by Cynthia Lee Mehta

Updated: 03/02/2013
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Interviews: American Gem Short Script Contest & Literary Festival

MovieBytes Interview:Screenwriter Michael Ugulini

An interview with screenwriter Michael Ugulini regarding the American Gem Writing Competition.

Updated: 01/25/2007
Contest Winner? Let's talk. If you've finished first, second, or third in the American Gem Short Script Contest & Literary Festival , MovieBytes would like to interview you.