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Anatomy of a Town

The Chief of Police in a small town investigates the murder of a young woman, while confronting the Sheriff, who blocks his every move for jurisdiction in order to protect himself from the Chief finding out about his paternal ties to both the murder victim and the killer. Script Excerpt


When Doves Cry

In 1991, fraternal twins navigate the treachery of young adulthood, dealing with bullies, racists, homophobes, and abusive authority figures while seeking the ultimate Minneapolis experience; seeing the legendary Prince perform live at First Avenue on Halloween night but a freak blizzard threatens their plans. Script Excerpt


One More Day

A salesman sends a text message to God flippantly when he’s out for drinks with a co-worker, asking for an extra day that week to get ahead in a sales competition, he gets it, but he discovers that he’s cursed with an extra day every week until he learns how to treat people. Script Excerpt


The Topless Widow

A lawyer’s former model mother has taken to sunbathing topless in her backyard, unable to convince her to stop, he pays her complaining neighbors to construct fences, but then she takes her antics to the front yard, getting arrested and he goes from defending her against obscenity charges, to helping her accept her impending death. Script Excerpt



An L.A. homicide detective, who also rents spare rooms in his apartment building to aspiring Hollywood actresses, must prove his innocence when one of them is brutally murdered by someone bent on revenge, exposing the detective's voyeurism fetish. Script Excerpt


La Hacienda

An interracial Latino/White couple arrives in Mexico during the Day of the Dead to renovate a hacienda just purchased by her parents, they soon discover its haunted by the former residents; they must figure out how to transform their crippling grief over losing a baby, so they aren't doomed to repeat the spirits' murderous past. Script Excerpt


Shadow on the Heartland

A successful Wall Street attorney reluctantly returns to rural North Dakota to help his family fight against an agricultural corporate giant that's quickly taking over the food industry with dangerous GMO seeds. Script Excerpt

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