Pebbles on the Beach

Whilst kicking pebbles into sparkling waters along a magical beach, a school-boy becomes mesmerised by an apparition which materialises into the girl of his dreams.

This is a story of love-at-first-sight which endures to adulthood. David is on holiday from school walking along the mystical beach beneath his Uncle John's mansion on the hill. This is his last day.  Dressed in school uniform he wades through the pristine waters and colourful pebbles illuminated by the sun's penetrating rays. Randomly kicking pebbles through the ebb and flow of the tide he's startled by a colourful mist. He stops. Looks up and blinks as he greets the mist which reveals an apparition. Then, just as quickly as it appeared the mist disintegrates to a voice. A beautiful young girl with flowing blond hair stands before him. "Hello, I'm Beth". In a few short minutes Beth steals his heart, lures him into a magical cave and leaves him mesmerized, vowing to return. As the years pass and adulthood is upon them, their puppy-love has endured the test of time. Along the same magical beach that brought them together, Beth accepts David's proposal of marriage... "of course, silly".

Script Excerpt
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Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
a young Rachel McAdams type
A young Warren Beatty type
Sally Field
In the Vein Of:

Author Bio: Screenwriter: 6 Feature Award-winning Scripts and 2 Short Screenplays Author: non-fiction (4) books - Amazon "Best Seller" 2020 Publisher/Editor: 'Profiler' Magazine distributed nationally by the Packer network - NSC and Gordon & Gotch through newsagencies Poet: AllPoetry - 6 poems Wildsound - Top 100 2021 - Marquis "Who's Who" Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 - Marquis "Who's Who" Lifetime Achievement Award Screenwriting Awards: 2021 Oaxaca International Film Festival 11 - Finalist - "And The Devil called!" 2021 Oaxaca PitchFest - Official Selection - "Doors of Miracles!" 2020 Moviebytes 'Top 10' - Six (6) in the Top 10 of their genre 2019 - L.

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Contest Results:
Hollywood Moving Pictures (First Place, Finalist til Awards Night 2019) [2018]
Christian Screenplay (First Place, Best Script, Best Writer, Fan ) [2017]
Los Angeles Independent (First Place) [2015]
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