When a museum curator and his female assistant translate clues in an American Revolution-era journal to a British payroll buried on Oak Island, they must go undercover to unearth the treasure before two rival treasure hunters discover it. Wealth of the century or the island's deft insult? (From the novel Last Assault on Oak Island by Jenn Rekka.)

For 200 years Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, kept its secrets. Treasure hunters came and left, spirits broken and bank accounts drained.

A British admiral's wartime journal brings new hope – and new dangers – to museum curator Carlos Sheldon and his student assistant, Lauren Gates, as they join the hunt for the elusive Money Pit treasure, adding a new theory to the pirate-infested legends of Oak Island. There's never been a shortage of legends and stories surrounding the elusive Money Pit and anyone near Oak Island has heard them all. Mistrust and jealous fear greet Dr. Sheldon and Lauren.

Dr. Sheldon and Lauren are met with suspicion and careful cordiality when they respond to lighthouse keeper Rudy Maddock's invitation to translate the British admiral's journal. With mounting tensions between the two rival treasure hunting companies working Oak Island, another interested party isn't welcome.

Desperation runs high as the Money Pit's 200th anniversary shines the spotlight on the Clemens and Yearbright operations' failures. With escalating debts and losses, one hunter takes a wrong turn, as another brings up a haul, only to discovers the island's cruel hoax.

For Dr. Sheldon and Lauren, timing is everything.

(From the novel Last Assault on Oak Island by Jenn Rekka. Rights in place.)

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Female 20s
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70s Male
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Elizabeth Peters novels
Curse of Oak Island
treasure hunts
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Freelance writer, ghostwriter, and editor, including adaptations and localization work. Details by request.

Some of my work:

THE WANDERING EARTH by Liu Cixin. I edited the English short story collection; now a movie (*as Kim Fout editor

GUILTY OF MIND/EVIL MINDS: *I edited Lei Mi's translated novels, now a Chinese TV series & movie.

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