An L.A. homicide detective, who also rents spare rooms in his apartment building to aspiring Hollywood actresses, must prove his innocence when one of them is brutally murdered by someone bent on revenge, exposing the detective's voyeurism fetish.

Michael Wolf is an exemplary detective whose secret is that he has hidden cameras all over the Hollywood apartment building he owns. He rents only to aspiring Hollywood actresses. He discovers that one of his younger tenants is turning tricks, he warns her to stop. Another woman he rents to one night as he's dashing out to dinner at his partner Anthony's house seems to be running from something, but he rents to her anyway. She wants to move in immediately. He goes to dinner, Anthony gets called back to work but Michael quickly intuits his partner is cheating on his wife. He gets talked into taking his partner's sister-in-law, Carrie to a movie. Things get romantic after the movie but Michael ends it. In frustration over his inability to connect with women on this level, he starts looking at the footage recorded earlier that night. His new tenant is kidnapped. He finds her ID, she is not who she said she was. Her body turns up on his shift. She was stabbed to death and her eyes removed. Michael already knows she's a porn star and he knows it's only a matter of time until the investigation finds its way to his building. He tries to remove all traces of surveillance but in his hurry, he misses a camera app on this phone. They search his apartment building, he becomes the prime suspect after the police find the flash drive with footage of the victim. Michael is placed on suspension but he investigates on his own. Michael and his partner have a falling out but Carrie calls Michael and Anthony's marriage blows up after Anthony's lover shows up to tell his wife about the affair. Anthony moves into Michael's apartment building. Meanwhile, Michael has investigated the victim's life, getting no leads. He even finds himself traveling through an illicit world of bizarre fetishes that aren't exactly a turn off to him. His brother, a Catholic priest, suggests to Michael that perhaps he's the target, not the murder victim since he's the one being investigated for murder and his reputation ruined. Michael gets called into the police station after some archival footage gets discovered of a woman molesting a younger boy. It is Michael's mother, the boy is something Michael and his brother knew as kids. Michael instinctively knows this boy, now a man, is the murderer. Michael's mother also molested Michael but when he got too old for her, he lured in this boy in hopes to protect his younger brother. The police want Michael to come into custody but they let him go back to his building to arrange his absence to his tenants. The tenant turning trick has now also been kidnapped, the killer taunting Michael to find him before he kills her. He does, with Anthony's help. Michael goes into therapy to deal with his past and to make a relationship with Carrie possible.

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Written by:
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Benicio Del Toro
Aaron Eckhart
Kate Winslett
In the Vein Of:
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-2020 My 4 Bodies Screencraft Semifinalist (play) -2020 Sandwich Generation Fimmatic Semifinalist (sitcom) -2020 Water (short, preproduction) -2020 Record Man: The Bob Koester Story (in production) -2018 100,000 Miles a Second Writer/Producer (short) -2018 Page Awards Semifinalist -2018 Knight Finalist -2017 Nicholl Quarterfinalist -2017 Page Awards Semifinalist -2017 Knight Finalist -2016 Knight Finalist -2016 True Story Semifinalist for When Doves Cry -2015 Screenwriters Workshop Winner -2012 Champion Screenwriting Competition Finalist for Anatomy of a Town 2012 Contest of Contests Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2011 Writers on the Storm Quarter-Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2011 Chicago Screenwriters Network Finalist for One More Day -2011 Bluecat Fellini Semifinalist for Anatomy of a Town -2010/11: KCBX-FM Radio Production of Anatomy of a Town to air during the 2011 San Luis Obispo Film Festival -2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2010 Santa Fe Writer's Project Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2010 Austin Film Festival Second Round for Anatomy of a Town -2010 SWW-MN Leave 'Em Hooked Winner for Date of Death -2010 IFP-MN Screenplay Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2009 PAGE Awards Quarter Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2009 IFP-MN Screenplay Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2008 SWW-MN Leave 'Em Hooked Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2006 Fringe Festival Production (Director/Co-Writer) -2004, IFP-MN Screenplay Finalist -University of MN graduate, BA in English Creative Writing.

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