When a teen girl has to take over the care and training of her competitor’s new horse, her compassion and companionship with the two horses wins her a dressage competition.

'DOUBLE STEED' is a teen/family horse drama script.

A poor girl, Beth Garner who cares about horses is in competition with heartless rich girl Veronica Spears.

At age 10, her grandparents introduced Beth to riding lessons. They pass away and her family cannot afford to continue her training.

At age 10, Veronica took riding lessons but her horse bucked her and she broke her collarbone. Out of fear, she stopped her training.

Now 16, horse-crazy Beth wants to continue her lessons with master trainer Jeff Tandy but she must work at the Whitepines Stables to pay for her lessons where she bonds with a horse, Buddy – the former dressage champion with his rider Mrs. Wendy Spears.

Also 16 but from the family at Whitepines Stables, fashonista Veronica wants to 'master' a horse for show and win an 'easy' dressage competition.

Veronica pays Beth to look after her new European horse, Shadow and exercise and train him especially when she is forced to go to summer school. Beth and Shadow start to bond.

Jeff starts dressage lessons for both girls and a few paying students to get them prepared for junior dressage competitions.

Veronica's brother Dylan spars with Beth and they become fond of each other. Dylan’s frequent guitar serenades amuse the horses.

When Dylan gets injured, Jeff Tandy reveals himself as his father.

Widow, Wendy Spears has squandered the family fortune from her lack of financial knowledge and tough investment times. After dipping into her farm account to buy the expensive Shadow, she can’t get any reprieve from her banker, accountant or investment advisor. She must tighten many belts which includes selling Buddy before she loses the farm.

Secretly Jeff has been paying the barn invoices out of his own pocket.

Beth’s mother scolds her for spending too much time at the horse farm and neglecting her home duties.

At the dressage competition, Veronica's heartlessness loses her advantage while Beth's bonds with both horses wins her the money to buy Buddy with Jeff.

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Christine J. Whitlock has written (9) feature scripts and (3) TV pilots. You can see Christine Whitlock's list of scripts for sale at Her film production is at Whitlock has a Magazine Journalism Certificate from Ryerson University Toronto, Novel Writing and Creative Writing Certificate from George Brown College Toronto. She explores heightened emotions in her writing.

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