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A blonde bombshell in stainless steel becomes a femme fatale - a relentless tiger with razor-sharp-toothed-pen spilling blood across the pages leaving nowhere, for the perpetrators to turn - to hide - no 'out'.

Joanne Pane ("Jo") is astute, tough, single-minded, fast-talking, honest, courageous and the powerful Managing Director and CEO of the ‘Prestige Stainless Steel Group’, the largest stainless steel manufacturing organization in the nation. She is admired by business leaders and politicians. In contrast, she is kind, considerate and caring, themes which undermine her and lead to her betrayal. Even her husband David leaves at a crucial time feigning an inability to cope. Alone she`s left to fight the battles on all fronts whilst being `mum` to her children. Oblivious of John Jacobs` ('Jacobs') interest in her and his intent to `get what she`s got` she acknowledges his half-smile as they pass each other in the Airport First Class Lounge. She's out of his reach. His only contact is restricted to stealing her wealth. Jacobs is aggressive, uncouth and the nation's most powerful man. He`s CEO of the Eldon Group and head of the ruling government political party. He exploits government departments, steals, bribes and conceals his criminal works whilst flaunting his power and wealth, and uses sex to relieve his frustrations. Jacobs is feared by all, except, Jo Pane. He secures Jo’s lawyer of twelve years Pat Deavin who sits on Jo’s real estate goldmine holding her unencumbered Title Deeds in `safe-keeping` and the key to the vault of Jo’s asset empire. Deavin is an addict - addicted to Jo's assets as he weaves a massive web of betrayal, lies and deceit. Without realizing it, Jo blocks Jacobs at every turn. Each time, a new scenario must be crafted... fabricated evidence so fantastic none can comprehend let alone question the magnitude - fictitious bank accounts, forgery - a water-tight case sealed with perjury. No risks permitted. Jacobs` shares buy-off Jo's Defence team. Blinded by trust, Jo remains oblivious to the betrayal. She continues to build her empire - a multi-billion dollar Joint-Venture Contract with China becomes 'Dessert' for the criminal raider. Now it's time for the kill. Jo is defenceless - confused. Trolley-loads of evidence in court are left untouched. Then - Judgment: "As no defence has been put before me Judgment in favour of Eldon - $26m". Jo sees her assets dissolving before her very eyes. "Tell the Judge not to give possession, I'm paying it out!" But her shocked Judas barrister refuses. "You're not instructing me!" Without revealing the identity of his instructor, he complies. 'Possession' now thwarted, deals fall apart. But there's still her company and her home. Jacobs liquidates her company. She's evicted from her home under police guard and media presence. Deavins' addiction is satisfied. Jo withstands the destructive forces stealing her properties; the freezing of her bank accounts; her company liquidation and eviction from her home. Now homeless, with nothing left to lose, only the perilous path of exposure is available as all, feel her blade. Jo becomes the antagonist - a femme fatale feared by all - a relentless tiger with razor-sharp-toothed-pen released slicing through - their blood spilling out across the pages leaving nowhere, for them to turn - to hide. No 'out'! Jacobs guaranteed all 'protection from prosecution'. She names all, as she exposes their deeds. All wanted "what she's got" but what she really 'had' could never be theirs. Huge Billboards herald her book's entrée Jacobs' outrage cannot be contained. "Liquidate bookstores!" - Too late. All now know. "I want her dead!" Jacobs found murdered.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Angelina Jolie
Chris Hemsworth
Matt Damon
In the Vein Of:
All The President's Men
The Pelican Brief
Author Bio:
https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5673147 https://www.moviebytes.com https://www.filmfreeway.com https://www.stage32.com/Profiler Screenwriter: seven (7) Award-winning Feature Scripts and two (2) Short Screenplays Author: four (4) non-fiction books - Amazon "Best Seller" 'Elders and The Real Story' - 2020 Publisher/ 'Profiler' Magazine - distributed nationally and Editor: throughout New Zealand through newsagencies by the Packer network (NSC) and Gordon & Gotch Poet: AllPoetry - 4 poems - Wildsound - Top 100 Producer: R J to Mars - animated Christian Children's film Screenwriting Awards: 2024 - Beverly Hills International Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Selected - (pending) Brisbane International Film Union - 'Untouchable!' - Winner - `Best Australian Screenwriter` - 2024 - Sydney Film and Screenplay Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner - 2024 - Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - 'Doors of Miracles' - Award Winner - 2024 - Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - 'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner - 2023 - Close International Film Awards - 'Doors of Miracles' - Award Winner - 2023 - Close International Film Awards -'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner - 2022 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'Untouchable!', 2021 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'Untouchable!', 2020 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'Untouchable!', 2019 - L.

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Contest Results:
Beverly Hills Fest (Second Place) [2013]
FilmMakers/Feature (First Place, Drama - Untouchable!) [2013]
Los Angeles Independent (First Place, (4th Winner) November 2015) [2015]
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