The Virgin Effect

Daughter of a middle-eastern oil billionaire, drugged and raped at a frat party, contacts a young L.A. surgeon to restore her virginity for her arranged marriage. When the surgeon's receptionist learns of the plan, she and her boyfriend decide on blackmail.

Beautiful young UCLA graduate student, AMINA DUBASH, the daughter of an oil-rich middle-eastern aristocrat, awakens at 4 a.m. in a fraternity house. People are passed out all around her. She realizes to her horror that she has been drugged and raped. She sneaks out and stumbles back to her apartment in the early dawn.

Amina had been studying at UCLA to obtain a graduate degree before returning to her small country for an arranged marriage with the son of another billionaire family. Although Amina is carefully chaperoned and overseen, she went out to dinner with some American girlfriends, who talk her into attending the fraternity party with them.

In the course of the party, Amina meets a slick, handsome young frat guy. Innocent, protected and unworldly, Amina has a drink with him and suddenly feels dizzy. He shows great concern and takes her to his room to rest—where she goes unconscious and is attacked and raped by the drunken frat-rat and his roommate.

Now, her greatest terror is that she has lost her virginity. Her purity was integral to the betrothal. Since she was a tiny child, she has known her intended, the handsome, aristocratic ATA. Now she is damaged goods. Her fear and anguish lead her to cover up the incident and lie to her faithful family friend and chaperone, SEEMA. In her panic, Amina considers suicide.

Then she sees an ad in a popular European magazine for a simple surgery that “restores” virginity and makes a potential bride “as pure as new.” She decides that this is the best resolution.

When she hears of DR. SAM BARROWS, a young plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who practices with his father, she decides to ask him to do this procedure.

She arrives in Dr. Sam’s Beverly Hills office and confides to him what has happened. She shows him her bruises and injuries. He is horrified and wants to call the police. But she convinces him not to. She is afraid that she will be shunned or worse. Finally, Dr. Sam reluctantly agrees to perform the procedure.

Meanwhile, NANCY, Dr. Barrow’s former receptionist reappears in his life. He unwisely had a brief affair with Nancy years before. When Dr. Sam finally broke it off, Nancy had departed in a furious snit.

Now Nancy lives with a lowlife named LANCE. But she wants to get even with Dr. Sam. She buddies up to a very young receptionist, ALLISON, 18, the daughter of another doctor who is a friend of Dr. Sam. Allison is earning extra money for college by working for Dr. Sam for the summer. Allison, is putty in Nancy’s crafty hands and Nancy finds out that Dr. Sam is restoring the virginity of a billionaire oil heiress for her arranged wedding.

Nancy manipulates Allison into letting her into Dr. Sam’s office one afternoon when he is out. She easily recalls his computer password and copies files, photos and notes to verify Amina’s incident.

Nancy and Lance write Dr. Sam an anonymous letter threatening to blow the whole story to Amina’s family and even put it on the internet if they aren’t immediately given $250,000.

Dr. Sam gets the letter and is panic-stricken. He decides to pay the money to protect Amina—with whom he is already falling in love.

Amina, who thinks her problems are now over, suddenly gets a message on her phone: “u r the Best. LUVR, u no who.” Amina stares at the message, puzzled. The next message: u forget my luv so soon? c my pix:

A blurred image of naked bodies in motion flashes across the screen. Amina gasps. “We want $$$ or we put it all on Reddit.” Amina runs into her bathroom and vomits.

She is so ill and distraught that her roommate, SARA, calls Dr. Sam when she sees his name on some pill bottles.

Dr. Sam rushes over to the apartment. By now, Amina has confided what happened to Sara. Dr. Sam then tells Amina about the blackmail.

When Dr. Sam takes Amina out for a walk, she leaves her phone behind. Sara calls SEEMA, Amina’s chaperone, who comes over, gets the phone—and finds out everything.

The next thing we see are Amina’s two brothers, HAFEZ and KHALED, and her fiancé, ATA arriving in Los Angeles. With them is a dangerous-looking young man named ASIM.

Her brothers and fiancé sincerely love Amina, but as Amina jokingly told Sara, even though her family is full of scientists and professors, in her country it is still the 12th century for women.

Seema the chaperone meets the young men at the airport. They know what they have to do. Now the payback begins for what has been done to Amina. The young men go about their business methodically and with expert discretion.

In the end, Amina’s family will never have to worry about anything being put on the Internet. Amina and Ata sadly bid goodbye, and she and Dr. Sam go away to get happily married.

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Young Natalie Portman type
Adrien Brody
Rebecca De mornay type
In the Vein Of:
Don't Say a Word
To Die For
Author Bio:
I'm a produced screenwriter. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English.

I wrote the feature film, Murder in Fashion, about the killing of designer Gianni Versace by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. The film played at theatres and festivals and was reviewed in the NY Times:

I collaborated with producer Don Murphy (Transformers, Natural Born Killers) on the script "Fast Fade" on the life of tragic film noir actress Barbra Payton.

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