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Fast Fade

Biopic of the 1950s film noir starlet Barbara Payton. The dazzlingly beautiful and talented blonde bombshell quickly ascended to leading roles in Hollywood. But her wild partying ways, alcoholism, and scandalous romances brought her career crashing down to back alley prostitution and death by age 39. Script Excerpt


Everything I Have Is Yours

Thirteen-year-old Haylee stumbles on her father's affair with her mother's friend, who has come to stay after her home was burglarized. Haylee develops an unlikely friendship with the woman who is betraying her mother. Script Excerpt


Home Like a Shadow

College girl accompanies her new boyfriend to his decaying San Joaquin Valley home town for his mother's birthday and is pulled into family conflicts and lost dreams dating back to the Civil War. Script Excerpt


The Dressmaker's Daughter

Adapted from my Young Adult novel published by Santa Monica Press in 2022. Romania 1940: A Jewish teenage girl studying to become a doctor, falls into a forbidden affair with her tutor. As war erupts, the Nazis invade and her family is killed, but a Romanian Iron Guard officer takes her as his concubine and sends her to nurse enemy soldiers in a field hospital. When her lover shows up with a group of Jewish partisans, she leads them through headquarters to kill two high-ranking Nazi guests of the officer. But her lover dies in the action. She escapes with the partisans and spends the rest of the war sabotaging German supply lines. Script Excerpt


Twisted Fate

A new mutation of "Mad Cow" brain disease strikes the U.S. --- turning victims gradually into psychopaths. As science races to identify the infected and stop the pandemic, a young woman tries to rescue her infected lover, held hostage in a lab testing radical treatments. Adapted from my novel published in 2022 and showcased online in The Write Launch: recently showcased Script Excerpt



Eccentric billionaire, convinced that nuclear war is imminent, locks his family and workers into a subterranean luxury bunker. But his builders released an intelligent life form that uses blindsight to hunt people through a maze of tunnels and caves as they dash for the surface. Script Excerpt


Light Fingers

Lonely quirky teen, uprooted from Minnesota to Santa Monica, falls for her lab partner in biology class, who happens to be the world's best shoplifter and begins to learn his ways. Script Excerpt


Fair Warning

Thriller based on the true stalking murder of Berkeley student Tanya Tarasoff in 1969 by an obsessed graduate student, and the legal case that changed doctor-patient confidentiality laws across the country. Script Excerpt


Dead Line

The ghost of a beautiful young woman, murdered by a serial killer, enters a young man's life, bringing chaos with her. Script Excerpt


Redwood Tomb

Married assistant DA falls for a free-spirited Santa Cruz artist who is unknowingly entangled with a charismatic serial killer who just buried two bodies in the redwoods. When his lover suddenly disappears, the DA embarks on a desperate search. Neo noir based on a true crime in 1982. Adapted from my short story published in UK crime magazine, Close to the Bone Script Excerpt


Vengeance Island

A law student interning with the Public Defender office and his visiting girlfriend are stranded with their pilot on a remote Alaskan island outside Angoon in a winter storm. Soon, they realize they are being stalked --- not just by wolves but by spirits seeking retribution for a lie the young man told native people while investigating a crime against their daughter.



Amid the European famine of 1315, a handsome, cheating husband must burn at the stake when his jealous wife denounces him as a "wolf by night" and a heretic. But a demon transports him to modern day California, where he discovers new powers for both love and murder. Script Excerpt



In 30 million years birds have become the uber species, living in fortified villages amid a landscape teeming with rat-predators, giant insects, intelligent reptiles and other terrifying life forms. Young soldier, WAGAR, loves LANITRA, the ruler’s daughter. Enemy raptor prince THOTOR is a secret lover of Lanitra’s sister BARI. When Bari betrays the village to Thotor, the inhabitants are banished to the wilderness. Script Excerpt


The Virgin Effect

Daughter of a middle-eastern oil billionaire, drugged and raped at a UCLA frat party, contacts a young Beverly Hills surgeon to restore her physical virginity for her upcoming arranged marriage. When the surgeon's receptionist learns of the plan, she and her boyfriend devise a plot to blackmail the surgeon, threatening to put confidential information and a video of the procedure on the Internet. Script Excerpt



Aging hacker gets out of prison and plots an act of millitary sabotage to impress a Dutch hacker chick and reclaim his status as the ruling terror of the Internet. Script Excerpt


Riviera Drive

Three Latino felons on the run invade the home of a prosperous Latino insurance executive, who must reconnect with his own violent past to save his family. The tensions heightens when his rebellious 17-year-old daughter falls for one of the felons. Script Excerpt



Ghost of a young gambler hanged in 1884 takes up residence in an old gold mill near Lake Tahoe and raises hell in the life of the tour guide, a Stanford student. Script Excerpt


Sawney Bean

Adulterous young husband facing criminal punishment in medieval Scotland flees into the hideout of the notorious cannibal family. Script Excerpt



Quirky young woman gets drunk on her high-tech job and ends up in a strange rehab where she must come to terms with her choices and history. Adapted from my published short story. Script Excerpt


Space Reserved

Slick, successful young ad executive thoughtlessly appropriates somebody's "reserved" space in a parking garage when bringing his date home and ends up taken hostage by three women bent on revenge for a long-suppressed middle school prank gone bad. Script Excerpt



Ambitious young Wall Street wannabe travels to take an internship with a hot crypto firm. He idolizes Sam Bankman-Fried like a rock star. But the company turns out to be a floundering home repair business whose owner faked a requisition to get a financial whiz aboard. About to leave in disgust, the wannabe falls for the receptionist, a runaway who dreams of becoming a cabaret singer. He joins the rough team of under-rated outcasts and learns how to repair things, including his mercenary sense of values. Script Excerpt

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