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Turf War

As Florida neighbors fall in love, their rival lawn ornaments start a war.

Written a few months prior to the release of Gnomeo and Juliet, this script tells the story of a class war between Flamingos, Pixies and Gnomes from a more American perspective.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Joe Pesci (voice)

In the Vein Of:
Toy Story
Gnomeo and Juliet
Author Bio:
Diane studied Film and Video Art/Theory at SUNY Binghamton in New York. She has been a long standing member of The Scriptwriters Network and has been a script reader for several writing competitions and film festivals. Other scripts that have gained her competition recognition include: **AUTUMN BLOOD, PERFECT PROPHET, HARPO'S BIKE, THE SCHOHARIE, A GOOD SOUL, SPIKE, PWNED, BLINDSIDED, THE BODY AND BLOOD, ROADSIDE PICNIC, SUPERNATURAL-INTERVENTION, SUPERNATURAL-I GOT YOU BABE and THE CHAIN-FRANCISCO PIZARRO**.

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Contest Results:
Table Read (Semifinalist, Top 100 in 2011) [2011]
Nashville Fest (Quarterfinalist, 2014) [2014]
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