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A Good Soul

A sitcom actor risks losing his soul for the chance to prove that he can be more than the lovable big brother he played on TV. His quest for a darker role leads him into the world of underground clubs where he is tricked into playing the killer of a snuff film.


Autumn Blood

Bad Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree... A social worker, tormented by his own abused past, gives aid to an abused, pregnant teen that threatens to become a taboo relationship. The fact that his live-in mother likes to kill socially irredeemable door to door salesmen only makes life worse. When fate deals him a lottery win, his seemingly mundane life falls apart. Script Excerpt


Perfect Prophet

A death metal atheist with a tortured religious past becomes the target of his satanic fan base because they think he's something more. Check out the novel and its sequels, Prophet Reborn & Perfect Sacrifices published in 2020 and 2023. Script Excerpt


Turf War

As Florida neighbors fall in love, their rival lawn ornaments start a war. Script Excerpt


Harpo's Bike (Can't Find My Way Home)

A young ad artist takes a trip to New Orleans on a Harley inherited from his estranged Marine father to prove to his family that the man was having an affair. Instead, he finds a veteran homeless mute - his father's best friend - who thinks he's Harpo Marx. Script Excerpt



A Native American environmentalist is pitted against his logger brother after a botanist whistleblower is pushed too far in the struggle to maintain the forests of Northwestern Montana. As loggers fight for job security, and as environmentalists fight for their cause, the botanist becomes the victim of both sides, and enacts a dangerous retribution. Script Excerpt


The Schoharie

A volunteer firefighter of Native American descent must convince a small town sheriff with a grudge that a vengeful Indian spirit is bent on destroying their town with the flood waters of a nearby creek. Inspired by the actual Schoharie Creek bridge collapse of 1987. Now available as a novel. Script Excerpt

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