Perfect Prophet

A death metal atheist with a tortured religious past becomes the target of his satanic fan base because they think he's something more. Check out the novel and its sequel, Prophet Reborn, published in 2018 and 2020.

Alec Lowell and his bandmates Mark, Patrick and Cleo are the new faces of Satanic themed rock n roll. Made famous by a bullet to the heart, Alec was a nobody until he made a record breaking recovery from the incident.

And the popularity of his music is on the rise when another incident makes him scramble for obscurity. A fan commits suicide in the name of Alec, the devil and the band.

Because of it, Alec heads back home to his girlfriend and son, where he hopes to reconnect with a normal life. He also hopes to find closure with his father, who was a latent born-again strict Catholic before he retired into a sanatarium.

What Alec doesn't realize is that his problems stem from his home town. He is being watched by a fan - a late aged teen with a clubbed hand. Alec visits the sanatarium, where his father jabbers on about Alec being a prophet with the light of life at his fingertips. He tells Alec that he will fulfill the truths of the black book and that he will defeat the satanists with his light.

Before Alec can understand any of this, his father is brutally murdered by the club handed teen named Lucas. Lucas leaves a calling card on the father's walls - satanic symbols drawn in the man's blood.

The funeral brings hard questions for Alec. It also brings his bandmates into town. Alec tells them what his father told him after going out to get drunk. Again they are being watched by the satanic followers of Lucas. And they are ambushed as they leave a bar. The result is a stabbing in the alley. The victims - Alec, and drummer Patrick.

As Patrick struggles to survive in ICU, Alec can't help but realize that his stab wound seems far less severe, and that it's healing to look like a mere scratch. Alec goes on a quest to find out more about his father, the cult, and his growing ability to heal with his touch.

It brings him to a black mass, headed by Lucas, who has just led Alec into a trap. And Alec learns that Lucas is more than just a deranged fan. Lucas has an agenda that's fueled by jealous revenge. And he will stop at nothing - including jeopardizing Alec's own son - to get even.

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20s male
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In the Vein Of:
The Believers
Rosemary's Baby
The Visitation
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Diane studied Film and Video Art/Theory at SUNY Binghamton in New York. She has been a member of The Scriptwriters Network and has been a script reader for several writing competitions and film festivals. Other scripts that have gained her competition recognition include: **AUTUMN BLOOD, HARPO'S BIKE, THE SCHOHARIE, A GOOD SOUL, SPIKE, TURF WAR, PWNED, BLINDSIDED,THE BODY AND BLOOD, ROADSIDE PICNIC, SUPERNATURAL-INTERVENTION, SUPERNATURAL-I GOT YOU BABE and THE CHAIN-FRANCISCO PIZARRO**.

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Contest Results:
Scriptwriters Network (Finalist, 1998 Stage Reading Competition) [1998]
Split-Screenplay (Finalist, Division 1 rank #11) [2004]
America's Best (Semifinalist) [1999]