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Scarred in a fire as an infant, an opportunistic young man suffers from distorted thinking, but the head of his rehab facility has his own twisted logic.

Blake, a young man in his late teens, was involved in a fire in infancy. Despite his good nature, kindness, and helpfulness, he gets into trouble taking risks and using poor judgment. Some say he suffers from post traumatic stress. Some say his thinking is twisted. He stumbles along growing up with a scarred chest, and with his parents’ divorce, another emotional scar.

Finding himself homeless, he begs on a former girlfriend’s mother, Catherine, to let him stay with her. He gets a job as a waiter down the street, but the availability of drugs results in a change of behavior. Catherine finds broken glass in her rug, urine on the bathroom floor, and a cigarette above the car visor, which indicates that Blake uses her car while she is sleeping.

A Police Sergeant calls Catherine to say that Blake is being watched, that he is using drugs, and to be careful. Blake’s father and new wife, Emily, own a jewelry store nearby, but because Blake was caught stealing previously, he cannot work there, and Emily refuses to let him live with them.

He steals a credit card from Catherine, and takes off to Florida to be with his girlfriend, Cheryl, for the Christmas holidays. The credit card company tracks him all the way, and he is extradited back home to a correctional facility, and later is moved to a rehabilitation center.

A psychologist works with him to change his negative feelings and points out that his being an opportunist isn’t serving him well. She tells him that he needs to change his way of thinking and practice love and the golden rule.

Mildred, a woman from the Community Activity Center where the ladies play cards. always shows support for Catherine and what she does for Blake. She tells Catherine that somewhere, some day, Blake will thank her for all she did for him.

The Head of Psychology visits Blake during one of his sessions with his psychologist, and talks to him about his drug use. He also questions him about who his source was at the restaurant where he worked. A shock printed in a newspaper headline finds that the Head of Psychology is indicted for being the Drug Lord of the largest drug ring in the state.

With the psychologist’s help, Blake is placed on a Work Release program, attends college in the morning, works in the afternoon, and returns to the Rehabilitation Center each evening. After his release, he stops to see Catherine and thanks her for all she did for him. Catherine tells Mildred that she was right, and the scene ends with Mildred’s big smile and a profound close-up wink.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore
In the Vein Of:
Fifty First Dates

Author Bio:
Pamela Green has been writing for several years and picked up an agent and script coach on her very first screenplay. She later worked with a literary manager to hone her skills. Many of her scripts have placed in contests, and between herself and her script coach, they have credits for 2 produced films, 6 optioned scripts and two outright sales.

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