I Will Wait For You

After a lovestruck lawman is torn away from an alluring fugitive he must cover up her crime in order to win her back as the romance and his reputation is threatened by a disturbed woman from an infamous rescue.

Two damsels in distress complicate the chaotic life of legendary lawman - BLAKE PALMER. His death-defying rescue of DEENA, a rich and beautiful teenager, hides a steamy secret. Although Blake's attracted to Deena, he rejects her advances primarily because of her demented infatuation. Blake instead longs for his true love, SOPHIA, an attractive fugitive he's only met once. After they inexplicably meet again, Blake has to separate from her and attempts to cover up her involvement in a mysterious and bungled heist. Deena's death, caused by her delusion, has a disastrous effect on Blake and Sophia's next encounter.

Written by:
Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
Josh Harnett
Margaret Qualley
In the Vein Of:
The Haunting (1963)

Author Bio:
Studied Screenwriting at SF State. My short When She Went Away was filmed in 2016.

Contest Results:
Madras Independent (First Place) [2021]
Changing Face (First Place) [2021]
Golden Sparrow (First Place) [2021]
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