The crew of EVOLUTION comes out of hyper sleep after one hundred years from launch and the first thing the crew wants is to take over the ship from the original crew, all robots.

EVOLUTION “The Wakening”

By Mark Mc Quown Pilot


In the year, 2125 AD, a crew member wakes up in a Hibernation Chamber on board a huge spacecraft called Evolution. Louis does not know who she is, or where she is and begins to explore until she finds water, food, and her clothes.

Moments later, a second Pod opens, and Alex Strong emerges in the same mental state as Louis. The pair soon finds out that they are in a spaceship in outer space, and the vessel is being operated by an army of Robots in many different shapes and sizes. Two of the Robot seem to be in command. They are Robot – m and Jen – m, and they are full size, walking humanoids who run the ship by high-frequency transmissions.

In the first meeting, the Robots are very hostile and extremely aggressive towards the humans. the Robots see them as a virus attacking the ship. Alex and Louis survive through several, death-defying, events until the Robot Crew is ordered by Robot Jen – m to obey the orders of these new beings.

It is soon clear to Louis and Alex that they are on a ship with no one else except the Robot Crew and hundreds of Pods containing the crew that is supposed to be operating the vessel in deep space. Louis has been designated by Jen – m to be the Captain and Alex had been designated as The First Mate. Their first concern is where they are in space and where are the ships logs that contain the crew names and designations along with the orders for this mission.

At the end of Episode One, a new Pod is opened by an unknown source and the Crew Member, who is a female, is hiding now from the rest of the crew as Louis and Alex are locked up again in the Hibernation Chamber and must escape once again in order to regain their position on the Helm and start to find answers to where they came from, and when they left Earth, and for what reason. They discover just before the end that they launched originally in 2025 so it is one hundred years later from a beginning only witnessed by Robots and computers on this vessel as Evolution moves endlessly forward toward nowhere.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Marion Cottillard
Chris Pine
Emily Blunt
In the Vein Of:
Lost In Space
Star Trek
Author Bio:

Biography 2019

Mark Mc Quown is a native Californian with a long career as a produced playwright/screenwriter, and now novelist, including the film “Heaven’s Messenger” starring John Heard and Robert Picardo, partially based on Mark’s award-winning/produced play, PJ. His play productions include, The Keys To The Kingdom at Theater Unlimited in North Hollywood, A Contemporary Christmas Carol at the Theatre Department of Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA and Angels, The Ninth Order, by a theater company in Lübeck, Germany.

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Contest Results:
Filmmatic Drama (Finalist) [2019]
Pitch Now (Finalist) [2018]
Inroads Fellowship (Semifinalist) [2019]
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