Faithful Wife and Hooker

An outraged, prudish wife avenges her frustrated husband’s "intentional adultery” by disguising as a hooker and blackmailing him for cheating (!), which sets off a series of mutual deceptions that upon discovery ironically amends the couple’s mutual failings and restores their marriage. Think War of the Roses with a happy outcome!

How much deception can married love survive?

With Thanksgiving approaching, ALLIE, a prudish Pastor’s daughter, discovers normally mild husband GEORGE has arranged to meet a prostitute. Incensed, she wreaks unholy vengeance: she takes sex-play lessons and, disguised by her actor brother BOBBY, a make-up wizard, takes the hooker’s place and blackmails George for cheating! Anyway, she needs the money for plastic surgery.

But wily George fakes suicide right in front of her eyes. Allie is heartsick until she finds him at home safe and sound. But what can she say? Now doubly furious -- she cannot abide deception! -- she resolves to inflict retribution; after all, it’s a Biblical principle. So, she convinces Bobby to play a Mafioso bagman demanding payment for Bobby's gambling debts. Disguised as a wiseguy and packin’ heat, Bobby gives George two days to fork over the lettuce or "somebody eats grass roots the hard way."

Allie savors her sweet revenge until a real MAFIOSO (or is he?) turns up demanding payment of Bobby’s very real debts! But wait up. Normally mild George, emboldened by the success of his suicide ploy, morphs into Dirty Harry and, in a blaze of gunfire, albeit bumbling, runs off both wise guys. Even Allie is impressed by his machismo.

Family and friends celebrate Thanksgiving. George fairly glows with self-satisfaction – until, after dinner, he discovers Allie¹s costumes and uncovers her scams. Merciless, he demands retribution. Allie tearfully pleads her case. After all, her chicanery revitalized George¹s manhood and her “education” provided what they both have always really needed -- the sexual liberation of his one true love, Allie.

How much deception can married love survive? George's "punishment" fairly screams... A LOT!

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
GEORGE - Paul Rudd
ALLIE - Kathryn Heigl
ART George's cool lawyer friend - Channing Tatum
Author Bio:
Formerly represented by the late L. Harry Lee, New York.

Co-Producer on Jason Whittier's "Letting Go," a look at cancer, love and loss, and moving on.

Associate Producer on "The Girl at the End of The World." starring Camilla Jackson.

Associate Producer on Dan McGone's short, "Half & Half."

Associate Producer on "Service of the Dolls, Part 2."