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The Benefactor!

Their camouflage pitted by a ruthless philanthropist's interest-free loans, criminals are projected to the kill.

Based on a True Story. A ruthless businesswoman sets out to save lives. Threatened with bombs and death she continues in her quest to stop murder and suicide on the land as farmers ravaged by drought/floods/pestilence compounded by loan-sharks poised to take their farms lose hope. Anne Bennett is at the upper echelon of society. A regular invitee to Balls where she dances with Princes and is courted by politicians of all persuasions. All doors are open to entice her into the parliamentary fray. But Bennett refuses. Economic changes being implemented will cause the nation to slide into poverty. She must stop them. Her plan... circumvent the destructive course by convincing politicians to take a stand before, they have an opportunity to take hold - before the people realize - the danger to which they have been subjected. But, no one wants to help. With no alternative she must warn the people. The head of a large manufacturing organization, she makes time to travel across the length and breadth of the country to talk to farmers, alerting them of the design to destroy their income and take their farms and giving them hope in alternatives. The threats do not deter her. But she's rocked -when on a plane to the outback Senator Masters delivers a message by parliamentary consensus... "Let me put it this way, if you don't join us, then you are the enemy and we destroy the enemy." She ignores the warning. Then, a revelation!... She can do more! She can fund farmer debts using her own money. She requests $2m from her bank. Then another $2m. The bank goes into over-drive. Now aware of their use, the bank withhold further release of funds. The new 'terrorist' laws are invoked. Bennett is now declared 'a terrorist' by the banking fraternity and the government. She holds a Rally. It's sabotaged. The bomb-threats she had ignored become the excuse for poor attendance. On acceptance of an invitation to speak at a forum, she quickly realizes, her life is in danger. Surrounded by Bikies, she can't leave. Then a voice. A concerned taxi-driver has doubled-back to pick her up. She's saved for another day. The Bikies have other ideas. They arrive at her offices demanding she come out. But she's not there. They terrorize her staff. Not until the sound of sirens fills the air do they disperse. But persistence prevails. It's late when she leaves her office when from the dark shadows, a Bikie steps out. "I just want a little [of you] not much... he [your husband] will never miss it." Just as all her strength in fighting him is almost drained, lights illuminate the driveway. The Bikie jumps back into the shadows - 'Security'! Once again she's saved. 'Hit-men' are engaged but Bennett has anticipated her demise. She ensures no farmer will ever have to repay their interest-free loan.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Angelina Jolie
Sam Neill
Matt Damon
In the Vein Of:
Unique based on a True Story
Film Noir.
inspired by true events
Author Bio:
https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5673147 https://www.moviebytes.com https://www.filmfreeway.com https://www.stage32.com/Profiler Screenwriter: seven (7) Award-winning Feature Scripts and two (2) Short Screenplays Author: four (4) non-fiction books - Amazon "Best Seller" 'Elders and The Real Story' - 2020 Poet: AllPoetry - 4 poems - Wildsound - Top 100 Publisher/ 'Profiler' Magazine - distributed nationally and throughout New Zealand through newsagencies by Editor: the Packer network (NSC) and Gordon & Gotch Producer: R J to Mars - animated Christian Children's film

Screenwriting Awards: 2024 - Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - 'Doors of Miracles' - Award Winner - 2024 - Melbourne Live Indi Film Awards - 'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner - 2023 - Close International Film Awards - 'Doors of Miracles' - Award Winner - 2023 - Close International Film Awards -'And The Devil called!' - Award Winner -2022 - Athens International Monthly Art 2022 - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Honourable Mention - 2022 - International Symbolic Art Film Festival (ISAFF) - 'And the Devil called!' - Winner - 2022 - Halo International Film Festival - 'Doors of Miracles' - Winner - 2022 - Halo International Film Festival - 'The Benefactor!!' - Winner 2022 - Bridge Fest International Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Winner- 2022 - Amsterdam International Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Winner- 2022 - BEYOND: The Film Festival - 'And The Devil called!' - Winner - 2022 - Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Awards - 'Murder in Emergency!' - Quarter Finalist - 2022 - Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards 'meet The Devil!!' - Quarter Finalist 2022 - European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) - Finalist - 'And The Devil called!' 2022 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'And The Devil called!' 2022 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'Doors of Miracles' 2021 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - 'Untouchable', 2021 - Oaxaca International Film Festival 11 - "And The Devil called!" - Finalist - 2020 - Moviebytes 'Top 10' - Six (6) in the Top 10 of their genre 2019 - Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - 'The Benefactor!' - Winner - 2019 - L.

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Hollywood Moving Pictures (First Place, Winner Best Screenplay Feature 2019) [2020]
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