Betrayal at the Wedding

A young couple gets married, but their fears are more than realized at their reception with their single, dating parents.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
Drew Barrymore
Reese Witherspoon
Mid-20's Female Breakout Role
In the Vein Of:
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Wedding Singer
My Best Friend's Wedding
Author Bio:
Pamela Green has been writing screenplays for the last fifteen years, picking up an agent early on who marketed her first script until his passing in 2005. She worked with a script coach and later a literary agent to broaden her talents while taking numerous screenplay classes. She won her first screenplay contest as a semi-finalist in the American Gem Literary Festival and Write Brothers Contest in 2014, and after a few-year break from writing, won as quarterfinalist with Scriptapalooza in 2018.

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Contest Results:
American Gem Short (Semifinalist) [2014]