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Raising Father

Henry Gilles, multi billionaire misanthrope is dying. Refusing to accept his inevitable fate, he has hatched a carefully orchestrated plan to achieve immortality. Gilles has directed his Korean biomedical research company to make him the world’s first subject for human cloning. Now he must enlist the help of his dysfunctional estranged twin daughters, Gillian ( a celebrity DJ), and Amanda ( an agoraphobic neurotic) to help raise him. Will the potential of a two billion dollar inheritance convince them to see beyond their distaste for their father and each other?

Written by:
TV Movie
Author Bio:
RAISING FATHER, an original concept, is submitted for your consideration. It is a TV PILOT screenplay with a story line potential for several seasons.

I am a practicing eye surgeon with a penchant for original and off beat story telling. I have authored a published novel of the same name as well as several screenplays. A second novel is currently with my editors and it is anticipated it will be published later this year.

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