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The Barking Spider

Depression hits Joe pretty hard after his wife died but, when his addicted and pregnant daughter appears on his doorstep a year later, his sedentary life is about to disappear forever.

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Author Bio:
Since retiring from AT&T, Bob followed his passion for writing and penned 11 novellas, 10 screenplays, 3 stage plays, 2 novels, and 2 non-fiction books. He has placed as finalist or better in 235 writing competitions around the world, fifty-six of which have won, mostly for his stage and screenplays. He taught adult education at Northampton Community College in screenwriting and was Temple University screenplay judge in their undergraduate program (Freese Award).

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Contest Results:
Filmmatic Short (Finalist, for the 29-page short) [2020]
Short Stop (Second Place, 1st runner-up with the 29-page short) [2018]
American Movie Awards (First Place, won Special Marquee for the 105-page feature+ came in 3rd with short script) [2017]
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