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Running in Circles

An international smuggling group, from Russia, is being tracked by FBI agent James Erskine and his team. Erskine gets caught up in the deception, gets duped sending him into the path of a Wiley investigator who’s after the same group. Script Excerpt


Close Up

A group of high school students get in over their heads when they accidentally capture some illegal medical waste dumping while gathering footage for their media class project. When the teens are discovered, the ruthless culprits track them down, forcing them to go to the police for help. Script Excerpt



X Detective artist Johnson (Johnny) Bailey’s beach walk turn into a search, for a madman serial killer with a knife, who is stocking wealthy executives in the Seattle area. He brings this information to lead Detective Danielle McFear. The search for the killer also brings the two together for a bit of romance and a lot of searching for the elusive mystery serial killer slithering through the city of Seattle, Washington. Script Excerpt