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“Get Shorty” meets “Tootsie”... When a desperate, down-and-out actor crosses paths with a hitman searching for redemption, he drunkenly improvises a plan to win the role of a lifetime - but hiring a hitman to eliminate the competition can have deadly consequences...

Written by: Sundae Jahant-Osborn     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
In the Vein Of: Get Shorty
Posted: 10/22/2009
Updated: 03/16/2014
Author Bio: Optioned, award-winning American screenwriter (currently based in London)

SF State University Film School (under dean August Coppola) UCLA (screenwriting)

Contest Results: California Independent (First Place)
RIIFF/Rhode Island (First Place)
Key West (First Place, "top 30 scripts world" award)
Pacific N.W. Writers (First Place)
PAGE International (Finalist, 2x Finalist)
Austin Fest Film (Finalist, Second Rounder, Top 10%)
Writers Place (Second Place)
Las Vegas Fest (Second Place, "ACE" Award)
Indie Gathering (Second Place)
Creative World (Finalist, Best Comedy x2)
Screenplay Festival (Finalist)
Worldfest - Houston (Third Place, Remi Award for Best Comedy)
Wisc. Screenwriters (Third Place)
New York Screenplay (Third Place, Park Ave Award - Best Comedy)
100 Screenplays (Third Place)
Table Read (Semifinalist)
ScreenCraft Fellowship (Semifinalist, 2x scripts)
Beverly Hills Screenplay (Finalist, Best Comedy)
L.A. Film & Script (Finalist, 2nd script won Best Comedy)
Acclaim Film (Finalist, Top 5)
Bridge (Finalist, Best Comedy)
EXPOSURAMA (Finalist, Top 10 Comedy Scripts)
People's Picture Show (Finalist)
American Dreamer (Finalist)
Winner Take All (Finalist) (Finalist)
Empire (Finalist)
AWS (Finalist)
Screenplay Search (Finalist, Top 4)
Movie Script/Feature (Finalist, Last Round Finalist)
Screenwriters Forum (Finalist)
WriteMovies (Finalist, 2 x Finalist)
Contest of Contest Winners (Finalist, Top 10 Scripts)
British Feature (Finalist)
Fade In (Finalist)
Open Door/Script Magazine (Finalist)
Screen Arts (Finalist)
TFI (Finalist)
BlueCat Contest (Quarterfinalist)
StoryPros Awards (Quarterfinalist)
American Screenwriting (Semifinalist)
FirstGlance (Semifinalist, Top 8)
Fresh Voices Feature (Quarterfinalist)
New Century (Semifinalist)
Champion (Quarterfinalist)
A Film Writer Screenplay (Semifinalist)
FilmMakers/Feature (Quarterfinalist)
SCRIPTOID Feature (Quarterfinalist)