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Healing Marie

Shes a French artists model. Hes a New York artist. Together they vibrate in harmonic insanity. Explosive love. Ludicrous sex. Preposterous adventures. Edgy. Against the grain. Against the world. But right.

Written by: James Ossi     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Audrey Tautou
Will Smith
Eddie Murphy
In the Vein Of: Ghost
The Fisher King
After Hours
Posted: 02/06/2004
Updated: 05/27/2010
Author Bio: I'm a kinetic artist. MoMA Smithsonian Museums worldwide.


Contest Results: Telluride Indie (First Place)
Key West (First Place)
Seventh Dimension (First Place)
Indie Gathering (First Place)
Hot Shops (First Place)
Spec Scriptacular (Second Place)
Worldfest - Houston (Second Place)
A Penny Short (Second Place)
Hollywood Scriptwriting (Second Place)
New Visions (Second Place)
Screenwriting Expo (Second Place)
AAA (Second Place)
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Semifinalist)
Austin Fest Film (Semifinalist)
GAFFERS (Third Place)
Writers On The Storm (Semifinalist)
Wildsound (Finalist)
Contest of Contest Winners (Finalist)
Other Network (Finalist)
Sound Heritage (Finalist)
Writer's Desk (Finalist)
AWS (Finalist)
Writers Place (Finalist)
A Feeding Frenzy (Finalist)
Open Door/Script Magazine (Finalist)
Valley International (Finalist)
Indiefest Chicago (Finalist)
Impractical Venture (Finalist)
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist)
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist)
Big Bear (Finalist)
Red Inkworks (Finalist)
American Accolades (Semifinalist)
WriteMovies (Semifinalist)
Chesterfield (Semifinalist)
Acclaim Film (Semifinalist)
Cinequest (Honorable Mention)
WriteSafe (Semifinalist)
Expose It! (Semifinalist)
Hollywood Nexus (Semifinalist)
ACE Screenplay (Semifinalist)
Movie Script/Feature (Semifinalist)
Landlocked (Semifinalist)
Best Script (Semifinalist)
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist)
Extreme Feature (Honorable Mention)
FilmMakers/Feature (Quarterfinalist)
Tennessee (Honorable Mention)
Royal Treatment (Quarterfinalist)
Fade In (Quarterfinalist)
Get Initiative (Honorable Mention)
Bare Bones (Quarterfinalist)
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Quarterfinalist)
All Access (Quarterfinalist)
Writer's Digest (Quarterfinalist)
American Screenwriting (Quarterfinalist)