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During a road trip to reconcile with his estranged brother, a terminally ill young man forms an important bond with a down-on-her-luck hitchhiker who tried to rob him.

Written by: Kyle Lavore    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 02/14/2019
Updated: 02/14/2019
Author Bio:
Kyle Lavore is a New York-based film director and writer. He also takes an obscene amount of photos, travels to obscure lands, and eats about triple the national annual human consumption average of pizza, according to his doctor. A private institution gave him a degree in film and in return, he provided them with a lifetime of student debt. He then began his film career by getting Christopher Walken his tea and lighting Dakota Johnson's cigarettes.

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Contest Results:
Stowe Story Labs (Finalist) [2017]
Milledgeville Film Festival (Finalist) [2018]
Nicholl Fellowships (Quarterfinalist, Top 10%) [2017]
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