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Based on true events, a coming-of-age/immigration/love story takes us from central 1950's Mexico to Chicago (and a stint in Vietnam). Though a crooked legal system tried mightily to thwart a young man, Scouts and martial arts figure in, aided by family, pluck, honest work and a supernatural drum element. (This is the updated previous winner script "Machismo, Machisma").

Written by: Maja Ramirez    

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Format: Screenplay
Posted: 01/23/2019
Updated: 07/10/2019
Author Bio: A big city cop who married her partner. Mom to one seriously brilliant teen. TreeKeeper #467. Former: caregiver (to aged mother), tai chi assistant instructor, Master Gardener. Masters in Library/Info Science. Mensa. Reader extraordinaire.

Contest Results: Indie Gathering (First Place, "Award Winner!") [2019]