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Mate Matcher's Match

When a godless, seemingly carefree bachelor sets course to win a feisty, virginal Christian matchmaker, he collides with a righteous blockade that buckles only when she uncovers the personal trauma that cracked his moral compass.


The Dumb Ox Bellows

A 13th-century friar struggles to revitalize Christian theology using logic and reason, but intellectual opposition from peers, malicious slander by envious brethren, and “slavery of the pen” under two Popes drive him to mental collapse and loss of faith in his life’s work -- until God intervenes miraculously to affirm its merit. The extraordinary, true story of Saint Thomas Aquinas.-


The Redemption of John Parker

An embittered former slave risks life and limb as an Underground Railroad “conductor” until, targeted for death by angry slave owners and a sociopathic slave hunter, he must confront and resolve his inner rage or bring tragedy on his family. Based on a true story.


Faithful Wife and Hooker

An outraged, prudish wife avenges her frustrated husband’s "intentional adultery” by disguising as a hooker and blackmailing him for cheating (!), which sets off a series of mutual deceptions that upon discovery ironically amends the couple’s mutual failings and restores their marriage. Think War of the Roses with a happy outcome!