Guy Sheridan, an English Blue Blood, runs afoul of the Crown and looses his love, his priveleged life, and his liberty. Escape from an Australian penal colony is but the first step for Sheridan to become the richest man in Australia.

Guy Sheridan, an English Blue Blood, loses his bride to be, his position and his liberty. Sent to a penal colony in Western Australia, Sheridan plans and executes a daring escape. Regaining a fortune along the way Sheridan arrives in Hong Kong and inveigles his way back into British society and finds a worthy romantic interest. But Sheridan is stalked by a relentless Colonel across the Australian outback, then from Java to Hong Kong. Found out, Sheridan is convicted and sent back to the Australian penal colony where he is surprised to find the greatest riches of all.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Hugh Jackman
Keira Knightly
Kevin Spacey
In the Vein Of:
Pride and Prejudice
Out of Africa
Cold Mountian
Author Bio:
Former Chairman of, Chairman of Digital Booking Systems (Theater Management software - sold to Digital Sound DTS) Executive Producer of Hollywood's Master Storytellers.

Absolute expert with story development, dialogue, re-writes, adaptations. IF YOUR SCRIPT ISN'T READY, CONTACT ME.


*PORT NATAL (Panoramic adventures on the African veld during The Great Trek)

*THE HUNTER'S ROAD (Terrorist plot to hold the entire world hostage)

*A TIGER'S TALE (A man-eater haunts the Himalayan foothills)

*SPARK OF LIFE (Adaptation of the novel by Erich Remarque)

*THE QUEEN'S MARK (Swashbuckling tale of adventure in Australia)


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Contest Results:
Austin Fest Film (First Place) [1998]
Scriptwriters Network (First Place) [1999]
Australian International (Semifinalist) [2020]
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