Zone Of Fear

Do your friends have irrational behavior or is it you that's crazy? Or, maybe you've past into a special, intergalactic floating zone -- a zone of fear.

A retired couple are traveling to the moon in an old Winnebago space ship and looking forward to a game of golf in low gravity.

During their journey, for no apparent reason, they become afraid of every thing under the sun and behave irrationally. Cerebral calmness returns and they decide to turn back to Earth. They pass through the exact same fears they experienced before but in reverse order. Then, again, into calmness. Thus, they passed through a zone, a kind of bubble, a zone of fear. They calculate there are many of these zones and that they are headed toward Earth. This, then, explains the cause of many lover's spats, regional conflicts, or global wars.

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Short Screenplay
In the Vein Of:
The Twilight Zone
Amazing Stories
The Naked Gun
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I've won or placed well in 145 screenwriting competitions.

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American Gem Short (Semifinalist)