The Alpha

An alien fleeing a genocidal war seeks refuge on Earth, recruiting a former Navy SEAL to help save the last of her race's children.

They've been visiting us for decades. Monitoring. Infiltrating. Stealing nuclear weapons for when their war comes to Earth. That day has arrived.

An alien fleeing the genocide of her race escapes to Earth, bringing the children who are the only hope for the future and hiding them across the planet. Posing as human, she seduces and manipulates a retired Navy SEAL into protecting and helping her prepare a preemptive strike against her enemies before they destroy all of humanity in their quest to kill the children. But somewhere along the way, something happens that she wasn't prepared for. Human emotions.

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Dirk Patton is an American author and screenwriter based in Texas. He has written and published over 23 novels, and counting, and two TV series pilots that have been optioned by a major production company.

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