Skyworld - Pilot _Two Hearts

Three faction beings of the nyxian race: mind-bending manipulators called Kastans, contact influencers called Destans, and the healers called Arkans fled their destroyed planet leaving behind a formidably bleak world, to find a new home a tremendously wonderful world.

Centuries ago, these loveless and genderless beings were developed into incubators in laboratories, by their ancestors, the Vartans. Being afraid of their developing abilities, the Vartans exiled the youngsters on another planet, Nyxos. Now, consumed by conflict, the nyxian civilization, highly evolved beings, was on the brink of extinction. The only thing that was preserved was their anatomy, slender bodies with two hearts, blue blood, pale sparkling skin, silverish hair, blue eyes. They found common ground when facing imminent danger. Their home planet was going to be blasted into oblivion. The last ships, Usan, Tusan, Vusan, carrying the future of their race to further speak their language - neonyx, and hold their name, the nyxians, travel to a new solar system. They reach their destination. Their new home, a twin suns planetary system formed by three planets: blue planet, yellow planet and red planet. These planets made their choice: the kastans were pulled down into the red planet, the destans into the yellow planet and the arkans into the blue planet.

Script Excerpt
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European screenplay creative writer

Contest Results:
Miami Screenplay Awards (Quarterfinalist) [2021]