The Salting

Only an 11 year old boy realizes that his father has disappeared and has to go to an alien world to rescue him and prevent the destruction of the earth.

Nicholas Barnes is an only child in a loving family home, his father Karl, mother Nadine and himself always leave the house together for work and school. Nadine does not have a driver’s license and cannot drive; Karl always ribs her about this. Nick is dropped off at a babysitter who takes him to school, while his mom and dad take the train to work and sit side by side. On the train, only Karl notices that it’s moving at a high rate of speed. He mentions this to Nadine but like the other passengers she’s in a dream like state. Karl suddenly sees a huge black bubble engulf the train which comes out on the other side, into a parallel earth. On earth Nadine wakes up, not noticing that Karl is gone. Karl wakes up in the parallel world on the train next to an alien Nadine, and has no memory of what happened.

Nadine goes to pick up Nick at the babysitter; Karl is not with her, and she is driving!! Nick asks where’s his dad and why is she driving. Nadine tells him his father died 7 years ago, he goes ballistic. In school Nick is held back from attacking a student and tells the teachers that it was a huge snake. This, compounded with the father episode has him committed to a psych hospital. In the hospital he meets the two aliens whose ship landed on earth. They tell him what occurred and why, and that they have to get his father before it’s too late,

On the parallel earth while Karl is asleep, his alien wife and son suck a liquid out of his eye. This liquid is very rare and is their life source, what they get from Karl is of extremely high quality. He is taken to their leader to be used as a donor. The leader launches an attack on earth to secure more of the liquid. Nick also has the liquid in addition to a special power; his special power along with huge quantities of salt is used to save his father and the earth.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Jacob Tremblay
Donald Glover
Author Bio:
I've been writing scripts for sometime but was lazy, and I've decided this year to get serious and see what's out there. I have two completed scripts, and others I'm writing. My genre is the sci-fi action realm with comedy a must in each script. I also have a series of kids books called Molly Hoo Hoo and Slappy Kicks on my website and we are working to turn it into a kids animation series. Yes I have content for the kids books series! My mind is a wealth of crazy characters that I've started to flesh out and have them come alive.

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