The No Fly Zone

Jamal Jones has to stop human sized flies from crossing the no fly zone to earth so he can prevent them from capturing his wife and taking over the earth.

Flies who we treat with disdain and hatred have been trying for ages to get across the No Fly Zone from their planet Insecta to earth. They are either shrunk to earth size or killed. Dr Jamal Jones an entomologist has been crossing over to Insecta but thinks that it’s a dream. He is told by Goody a slug like creature with dreads, that it’s not a dream, and that the fruit flies he works with were gathering information on his research on embryonic development. They were then going to bring him to Insecta and suck his brains out for the information he was gathering.

The flies got what they wanted from Jamal, and have created a Drosan or human fly called The First. The First has screwed with the No Fly Zone and is able to cross over with his Fly Crew. Julian Cain a business partner of Jamal and the First’s father is sympathetic to the flies as they saved his son’s life. Julian is stuck on Insecta as he has altered his genetics and is now a grotesque monster. He needs the blood of Jamal’s wife Michelle, to survive, and cross back over to earth.

He sends The First, and his flies to get Michelle, she escapes with the assistance of Joshua Bernstein who was involved in a first failed fly (say that three times!) invasion. They go to Insecta to save Jamal, who is also trying to get back to earth and save his wife. Because the calibration to get to earth was screwed up when the First crossed over, Jamal and Goody have to make the trek through Insecta, which could produce deadly consequences with the spiders.

Michelle is captured by the Queen Bee who has an alliance with Julian Cain. Jamal goes into Queen Bee’s hive to save his wife, and this sets off a full on confrontation with the bees, flies, spiders and The First.

Although this is a sci fi action fantasy, it shows what strong family bonds and friendship can produce.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Winston Duke
Jessica Lucas
In the Vein Of:
MIB the first one

Author Bio:
I've been writing scripts for sometime but was lazy, and I've decided this year to get serious and see what's out there. I have two completed scripts, and others I'm writing. My genre is the sci-fi action realm with comedy a must in each script. I also have a series of kids books called Molly Hoo Hoo and Slappy Kicks on my website and we are working to turn it into a kids animation series. Yes I have content for the kids books series! My mind is a wealth of crazy characters that I've started to flesh out and have them come alive.

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Creative World (Finalist, My script selected as a prelim) [2021]