Moment of Clarity

A man on a path to nowhere must make a change to not only to save himself, but those he holds most dear.

A life of good fortune and fame would be all that most people dream of. Not everyone is so lucky to have their destiny clearly laid out for them. A reporter in New York City just so happens to be one of those people. He has the lead reporter gig, a great girlfriend and a clear path in life...that leads nowhere. Growing up with a half brother can be problematic for anyone but as they got older Bear Jennings knew his brother was clearly on a different path. Instead of helping his brother he looked out for his own self interests and launched himself down his current path. A robbery that occurs during a live broadcast brings him to a fork in his path and presents a moment for him to decide his true destiny. Will he awaken the spirit of his namesake to help those he holds dear or will he continue down his path to nowhere? His moment is clear but this decision won’t be so cut and dry.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Adam Driver
Tommy Lee Jones
Charlie Cox
Author Bio:
Dallas Gibson was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1982, but moved to the Texas Panhandle at a young age. He was raised in the tiny Texas town of Darrouzett, a stone's throw from Oklahoma. After graduating high school in Follett, Texas he remained in the Panhandle region until 2011 when he moved to the DFW area, where he resided until 2019. In the summer of 2019, along with his wife, and fellow screenwriter Crow and their two children, Dallas moved to the Tampa Florida area.

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Contest Results:
BEYOND: The Film Festival (First Place, Best Characters) [2021]
Golden Sparrow (First Place) [2020]
Tagore International (First Place) [2021]
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