The Zombays

Deon and Ayana Williams, a young, hip African American couple turned zombie in a top-secret government program, escape undetected and hideout in the suburbs. Their attempt at anonymity fails miserably when great success leads to unexpected notoriety.

Deon and Ayana Williams are admitted DOA into a covert government program “Project Resurrection” on the same day the program is officially terminated. Their corpses are immediately designated for disposal when a freakish, misfit scientist, Pallas, secretly tests his zombie serum on them and miraculously restores them to the land of the undead. He then smuggles them undetected off the facility.

Unable to digest any conventional food source, they grow ever weaker and are perilously close to the second death. Pallas frantically races down a staircase and trips, tumbles down the stairs, breaks his neck, and dies. In so doing, he unwittingly saves his “beloved children” when they inadvertently eat him. Now free to pursue their American dream, they change their name to the Zombays.

Through multiple business enterprises combined with superhuman powers and a little help from Ayana’s side of the family, the Zombays become quite successful. It’s not long before the FBI and evil scientist Albert Hawkings are on their trail. He blackmails them in an attempt to get his hands on Pallas’s zombie creating serum. He promises to call off the dogs if they cooperate, explaining that they are of no use to him since they were allowed to regain full mental acuity and psychological reconciliation. They agree to a deal, but can the government ever be trusted? Now, walking through the valley of the shadow of un-death, Deon and Ayana must decide their own fate, or so they think.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Kamil McFadden
Lauryn Alisa McClain
Seth Rogen
Author Bio:
Lance hails from the great state of New York. He has been honing his screenwriting skills since taking up the craft in 2013. All of his screenplays to date have been contest winners.

Contest Results:
Houston Comedy (First Place, Best Texas Screenplay FALL2020) [2020]
Filmmatic Comedy (Semifinalist) [2020]
StoryPros Awards (Semifinalist, Contest in Progress) [2020]
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