The Protégé

An esteemed Psychology Professor uses her expertise to help authorities solve her clients’ murders. However, as evidence emerges, it appears that the professor is not who she seems to be.

In 1968, Chloe Sinclair was abandoned at the Willowbrook State School (a real, now closed, state-supported institution for children with intellectual disabilities) on Staten Island, New York. For years Chloe was exploited, abused, and neglected. Although thought to be intellectually challenged, Chloe was actually a gifted child who was misdiagnosed.

Now an adult, Professor Sinclair, Ph.D. becomes fixated on hunting down and killing any remaining staff members during Willowbrook's reign of terror. She begins killing at the ripe age of 22 years old. Now that all the original staff members of Willowbrook are dead, Dr. Sinclair has moved on to killing her own clients based on their diagnosis. Throughout the piece, the audience is misdirected by her “Protégés.” Can the authorities catch Dr. Sinclair, or will her diabolical and masterful plan allow her to keep on killing over and over again? The clock is ticking...

The Protege is the kind of story that will leave movie-goers spellbound by its creativity, engaging characters, and compelling race-against-the-clock narrative. It has all the hallmarks of a great Hollywood thriller that will leave audiences gripping the edge of their seats begging for more…

Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Charlize Theron

In the Vein Of:

Author Bio:
Born biracial in 1970 and adopted by a White hippie activist and her dedicated farmer husband from Nowhere, Wisconsin, Kennedy Martin Sabelko, experienced many “teachable moments,” each worthy as its own psychological thriller! Kennedy is a licensed therapist that uses his expertise to vicariously draw his audiences into a world where consequences do indeed, dictate one’s course of action.

Contest Results:
Scriptapalooza TV (Semifinalist) [2019]
Filmmatic TV Pilot (Semifinalist) [2020]