When a kind-hearted but mentally unstable boy transfers to a tough inner city school, a devoted school counselor must bring out the best in him before he reaches his breaking point and puts the other children in grave danger.

We open up on Angel, a mentally ill student who has been recently transferred to a new high school. He struggles with bullying and has a hard time standing up for himself.

Angel goes to visit the school counselor, Anna, and reveals that he has stopped going to therapy. As Anna expresses his concern for Angel’s mental state, Angel’s sinister second personality, Mark, takes control and reveals his dangerous side. We cut to –

Six months earlier – on the first day that Angel transfers to the new high school. He is immediately noticeable as an outsider, and struggles to fit in amongst the clique filled school environment.

Angel’s first day proves eventful, when Vanessa – one of the school’s most popular girls – has her phone stolen and her nude photos leaked to many in the student body. The counselor gets in touch with Diego – a person who knows Vanessa, and discovers the culprits of the leaked photo: some of Vanessa’s closest friends.

The counselor does her best to punish those responsible, while simultaneously making sure Vanessa can recover from the traumatic experience. We realize Anna has an uphill battle for her in this tough high school environment, due to an often-rough student body, and a large number of uncaring, distant faculty members.

Angel is sent to Anna’s counseling office to get acquainted, and she immediately takes an interest in helping Angel adjust to the new environment. Surprisingly, Angel is able to open up to her about the loss of his mother and the new living situation with his estranged father.

Anna tries to unwind after the rough day, but receives a distressing phone call that puts her further on edge. Someone she’s close to has been hospitalized – and it’s not looking good.

Angel returns home to his father after a hard day. He is a drunk who clearly has no real desire to have him as a son. Angel’s emerging alter ego offers help get him get through this miserable environment he now finds himself.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
17ish, 18ish male
30's Intellectual Actress
Author Bio:
My television show, Astro Alyssa, is currently in pre-production and I have written several short films that are currently in production. I have also been a finalist in many reputable writing competitions in various formats including Screencraft, Creative World Awards, Table Read My Screenplay, Fresh Voices, Shore Scripts, Filmmatic, and more.

Contest Results:
Creative World (Semifinalist) [2019]
ScreenCraft Pilot Launch (Semifinalist) [2017]
Fresh Voices Feature (Quarterfinalist) [2018]