After her parents are murdered, the last dragon whisperer — a 16 yr old grieving teenager named Luana — goes on an epic quest to avenge their deaths and rescue her village from blood-thirsty banshees.

“Luana" is an original fantasy story about Luana Rolt. She is a regular boy crazy sixteen-year-old girl, as well as one of the only dragon whisperers. The only others are her parents. After Luana’s parents and unborn brother are brutally murdered by blood-thirsty banshees, she becomes the last dragon whisperer in existence. Luana must put aside her feelings for Atlas the Centaur, whom she loves, to become the hero she is meant to be. The king tells her that she is the only chance "The Garden" has of beating the banshees, who can only be killed with dragon fire. So, Luana and her friends set out to Aysha, the land of the dragons to plead with the dragon king for help. The entire time being hunted by the banshees who are trying to kill Luana for being a dragon whisperer. It is up to Luana to avenge her parent's death, save her friends and the village, while not letting her intense emotions overtake her.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Kathryn Winnick
17ish, 18ish, female
19ish Indian or Greek male
In the Vein Of:
Lord of The Rings
Chronicles of Narnia
Game of Thrones
Author Bio:
Danielle R. Erlich spent her life growing up with an autoimmune disease. This disease kept her from playing with her friends and partaking in fun activities. She ended up either reading or watching films most of the time to escape. She wrote all the time growing up and even had a poem published in the sixth grade. Soon after, signs of her illness began to surface. One of them was surprisingly writer’s block. After two years of college, and one screenwriting course, she switched to an acting conservatory in Santa Monica.

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Contest Results:
Stowe Story Labs (First Place) [2019]
Indie Gathering (First Place, FANTASY GENRE) [2019]
Open Curtain (First Place, Best Sci-fi) [2020]
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