Life rocked as a teenager for an entertainment executive in LA nearing 40 as he had a cable show in Iowa reviewing films with his buds when they were young and stupid so he greenlights them for a Hollywood remake of GREAT GUY SCENES FROM GREAT GUY MOVIES!

Life is good in Hollywood at the production company where JAY JONES works for owner DOUG JOHNSON as his head of content with the demand for programs soaring. But the quality of offerings has not. Tossing away another horrible script, producer JAY JONES thinks back to the great times he had when he was young and stupid with his buds and their girlfriends in their Iowa hometown putting on a local cable show that reviewed films, GREAT GUY SCENES FROM GREAT GUY MOVIES. At dinner in a trendy West Hollywood restaurant, about as far from small own Iowa as possible in both culture and geography in America, JAY JONES listens to a bunch of millennials talk about the great scenes from some new movies and quote extensively from old movies. Realizing that the basic human instinct to talk and quote from movies is time immemorial (especially for guys), JAY JONES decides to head back home to small town America and return with his fellow cable show hosts from the past to relive the magic and hit the big time with a remake of GREAT GUY SCENES FROM GREAT GUY MOVIES! Despite the obvious appeal, there are still many who have to be convinced. There is, of course, the head of the production company, DOUG JOHNSON. He wants to put out the next big sit com in Hollywood (who doesn't?), filling the void left by BIG BANG THEORY. But is three males fast approaching 40 from flyover country the ticket for a massive Hollywood payday? Things like that never came up in film school at UCLA for DOUG JOHNSON!

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TV Pilot
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Quarter-Finalist in The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Holiday Contest (first time I ever entered a contest with first script I ever wrote). Made THE RED LIST with another, too. Thousands of articles published under my byline in Newsweek, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, among other venues. Host of several shows. Degrees from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University Law Center. Much of my career was spent on Capitol Hill, where I had Top Secret Clearance twice.

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