Seraphim’s Miracle

A former war correspondent is forced to confront his tragic past, as he cynically investigates an alleged 'miracle' that might just be the real thing.

==================== Genre: (Drama/Mystery) ==================== Ben Chambers was a war correspondent. But when his wife unexpectedly dies, his life falls to pieces.

Three years later, Ben is now a jaded journalist who specializes in cynically debunking mysterious phenomenon for ‘Scuttlebutt’; a tabloid magazine-run by his mentor and friend, Selina.

One day, Ben receives an invitation to investigate a small-town fable, directly from ‘Scuttlebutt’s fat-cat benefactor, Phil Knox. Ben reluctantly agrees to take on the investigation, as a favor to Selina, as her business is flatlining, and cannot survive without Knox’s support.

The case itself, is about a Naval Aviator who allegedly appeared in a Townhall/Church on the night of a deadly storm. The townsfolk believe the Aviator was Jimmy Clancy. However, Jimmy was half-a-world away at the time. And more importantly… he was dead.

Ben interviews Jimmy’s friends, family, and other witnesses. He learns how the incident galvanized them to conquer their personal demons, eventually leading them to a place of peace and purpose.

And no matter how doggedly he probes and pries, Ben cannot disprove their chronicle. Which becomes problematic, as Selina and Phil forcefully coerce Ben to debunk the folktale, no matter the truth.

But when Ben discovers his own remarkable connection to the town’s tale, he delves deeper. Because he cannot callously brush aside this astonishing coincidence, despite the potential ramifications.

So, Ben is forced to choose between walking away or writing a fabricated denunciation.

Or… believe Seraphim’s miracle is true. And share their story with the world. Have faith, not everyone is beholden to cynicism and distrust. Maybe, all they crave is a magical tale, written by an improbable person, to captivate their hearts and enchant their souls, with the power of hope.

=================================================================================== Genres: Drama, Supernatural Mystery, Magical Realism Recommends: Screencraft, Stage 32, StoryPros, Launch Pad, BulletProof Coverage, Coverage Ink, Plus, 'Reader Recommended' and 8/10 avg. on 'The Blacklist'.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Mark Ruffalo
Dennis Quaid
Kat Dennings
In the Vein Of:
Field of Dreams
City of Angels
Author Bio:
Jeremy Storey, originally hails from the United Kingdom, but now resides in Seattle, WA. He is written feature length screenplays (The Immaculate Secret, Rewind, Pink Slip Party, Seraphim’s Miracle, An Angel Whispers), as well as award-winning short screenplays (Cat & Mouse, Wishbone, Tower of Strength, Dog Years, Melville) and award-winning stage plays (Last Cup of Sorrow, Wolves at the Door). For Jeremy, writing is catharsis. His stories reflect his love of exploring emotions, characters, and worlds that spark the imagination.

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Pitch Now (First Place) [2019]
SoCal Film Festival (First Place) [2020]
IndieFest (Second Place) [2020]
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