In the year 2075, the Starwatch court jurisdiction is created in the Asteroid Belt to ensure the survival of humanities new societies. To get a taste of the show, please go to and look at the trailer of the film on which the series is based.

"Starwatch" will be the first television show to tackle "political science fiction," illustrating what the future will look like 50 years from now based on what we do in the next 10 years.

Our current world was formulated between 1944-1954 or so, 64-65 years ago, after World War II. That war is still discussed on a daily basis, illustrating what happened globally in its aftermath set a chain of events in motion to create the world we live in today. "Starwatch" extrapolates humanity's future based on events happening now. Therefore, the viewer is connected to the "Starwatch" future and its characters via things happening around us on a daily basis making it a personal viewing experience.

Humankind has realistically journeyed past Mars to the Asteroid Belt but not without a war between the elite and working class. Pure Humanists have the rule of Earth and Current Agers have rule on Mars. Without such a treaty, we would have annihilated each other.

The Guard, much like today's Coast Guard, has the enormous responsibility to protect and oversee a myriad of space travelers going to and from Mars, Earth, the Moon, and the Asteroid Belt. However, they also oversee the two societies handling political disputes as well as deep space rescues. This is known as “Starwatch” Jurisdiction headquartered in the Belt. Select Guardsmen were chosen to be part of “Starwatch” since they have no friends or relatives favoring either society. Stories focus on the end results of political and social decisions we created from 2016-2027. Viewers will agree or disagree with the viewpoints of either society per episode while rooting for our core team of Guardsmen living in the asteroid, Safe Haven Tango.

"Starwatch" presents a future-history arc combining the Earth of today with the Earth of tomorrow, the same way current history connects us to where we've been and how we got here.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
A younger Esai Morales
A younger Brigitte Nielsen
Jamey Sheridan
In the Vein Of:
Battlestar Galactica
The West Wing
Author Bio:
My first production was the cult supernatural western JUSTICE BE DAMNED which came out in 1993. My second film was a mockumentary called VEGAS DATE in 2007, and my third feature stars “El Mariachi's” Carlos Gallardo called STARWATCH which came out in 2017.