In the late 1800s, a mysterious Man is admitted at a Middle-Eastern monastery, where he reveals new concepts of God, life, and love, which turns the monks into disciples, but also arouses the furious reaction of the local materialistic abbot.

NEIL, a tourist in a Mideast city in 1948, hears the story of MIRDAD, a mysterious stranger who, in the late 1800s, came to live at "The Ark" - a monastery built on top of the highest mountain around to prevent mankind from forgetting about the Flood, as a last request from Noah to his son, Shem.

Feeling called by a dream, Neil climbs the mountain. The next morning he meets SHAMADAM, the senior monk. After they talk, Shamadam gives him a book containing the facts that happened during the time Mirdad stayed with them.

The Ark was peopled by 8 monks and Shamadam, who when first met Mirdad felt no compassion for the stranger, allowing him to enter, but only as a servant. Mirdad serves them humbly for 7 years, never saying a word.

Neil begins to read the book, and the action continues on the night Mirdad breaks his silence, where he teaches about several matters, being the strength of his words responsible for ending the life as they were used to.

In the following afternoon, inside a grotto, Mirdad dispels the doubts of the monks and teaches about Love, Judgment, and the Golden Rules to avoid suffering. The monks realize Mirdad is a true Master and must be followed. Mirdad sings and Nature listens.

Shamadam, in order to re-establish his authority, tries to bribe the monks.

Mirdad is asked a question at a meeting, but the answer is known through a dialogue between 2 Archangels, while we see sacred events of Man's history. Then we see 2 Archdemons, who talk about the dark ones. The action returns to the grotto and Shamadam, very nervous, argues with Mirdad and tries to expel him, but the monks don't take his side.

Shamadam has Mirdad kidnapped and thrown into an abyss. Two searches take place, where Shamadam fakes his interest in helping the monks, but Mirdad is not found. The next day, at a celebration, Mirdad dramatically returns, watched by Shamadam with tears in his eyes.

The Prince of Bethar, secretly asked by Shamadam, has a tense debate with Mirdad about several matters. Finally, he reveals the real purpose of his visit and orders his soldiers to take Mirdad away in chains.

After almost 2 months of sadness, Shamadam tries to win back the monks' friendship, by justifying his actions, but fails.

With much suspense and to great happiness of the monks, Mirdad returns. He then confronts Shamadam, who out of fear fakes his surrender. Mirdad reveals the Prince’s conversion, which makes Shamadam faint.

The coming of another celebration makes Shamadam revive. He tries again to affirm his authority as Senior, threatening Mirdad and the monks about the proceedings of the festivity.

The events take place as scheduled until the arrival of the Emissary, who reads the Prince's message, which finally makes Shamadam realize the fight is over.

Under loud ovation, Mirdad reaches the platform and teaches the crowd, inside the field and by voice over, about several important matters. The image freezes and the action returns to Neil, who finishes the book and smiles, amazed by what he's read. He then looks forward and becomes very serious. A beast-like rock is seen, which looks a lot like Shamadam. Neil, still serious, looks into camera.

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30's Handsome Guy
Adam Driver
25 - 35 Attractive Guy
Author Bio:
I was born in 1972 in Brazil, and I have been interested in films since I was a teenager. My first job was at a video rental store when I was 14, and at that time I started to see movies realized by Carlos Saura, Fellini, John Huston, Antonioni, Kubrick, Billy Wilder, and other great directors, and even not having a full understanding of these movies I used to like them a lot.

My interest in the area kept growing, and when I was 18 (1991), I was admitted in the University of Sao Paulo’s Film School, which was the best in my native country.

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Contest Results:
Los Angeles International (Semifinalist) [2021]
Santa Barbara International (Honorable Mention) [2021]
Reno-Tahoe Screenplay Contest (Quarterfinalist) [2021]
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