Avery Jordan (AJ for short), is a 16-year-old girl, coming into her own – when the world she knows is turned upside down after her family is targeted in an assassination. AJ is near death when she is saved by a secret government agency (known as Mirage) that rebuilds her with robotic technology. She must now confront her family secrets, the life she thought she knew, and embrace her destiny to fight against an evil terrorist organization (known as Callisto). Callisto and Mirage are two colliding forces that are looking to rid the world of the other while using AJ as a pawn.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
Oscar Negroni is an award-winning, dynamic filmmaker. He's an NYU alum who has made dozens of short films, shot hundreds of interviews and written several screenplays. He's even been optioned at the Sony lot. He loves 80s movies. Some of his favorite filmmakers are Steven Spielberg, John Hughes, Oliver Stone, Guillermo Del Toro, J.J. Abrams & Alfonso Cuarón

“I tell stories to entertain people and give them an emotional journey. It’s the greatest gift I can give anyone.

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