To live beyond his means English version

The life of the earth is facing crisis in the near future. Jack, a lonely young man, heard that he was a descendant of a country from an old man and took a test at a solitary closed room. The reward was living in luxury in the space station and marriage with a beautiful woman. Even though his mind was read by the old man during the test, he managed to pass the exam and discover the method of mind-reading. Jack skillfully dodges attacks of electromagnetic waves and sounds. And he becomes euphoric over the luxury life in the space station. However, that was a trap by an international secret organization. The story progresses along with his thought. A Crime, Sci-fi and Drama script that is based on a true story.

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Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
This script was awarded Five continents International Film Festival(Argentina)Best Screenplay short film Near Nazareth Festival(Israel)Semi-finalist The Buddha International Film Festival(India)Official Selection Kinodrome International Motion Picture & Screenwriting Festival(USA)Official Selection CKF International Film Festival (UK) Official Selection this year Although it is a short scripts of 17 minutes, this can shock the world. This screenplay requires two filming locations, five actors, and a short filming period.

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Contest Results:
American/Literacy (Finalist) [2019]
London Film Awards (Finalist) [2018]
Near Nazareth (Semifinalist) [2018]