A trauma surgeon discovers that an alertness drug taken by nearly all American adults – including her and her family – has irreversible side effects that will gradually destroy the sanity of all its long-term users by making them unable to sleep.

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Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Kellie Martin
Henry Thomas
Quinn Lord
In the Vein Of:
Twenty-Eight Days Later
Fear The Walking Dead
Mr. Robot
Author Bio:
Stuart is a native of the San Francisco East Bay and attended UC Berkeley. Growing up with The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits shaped his love of horror and science fiction, and raising three children gave him an appreciation of fantasy.

Stuart’s award-winning short scripts Autonomy, He Knows and Over Coffee have been produced, and he wrote and directed the short Memento Mori (which screened at the San Antonio Film Festival). He adapted the short story The Last Earth Girl into a feature screenplay and it has been produced by independent filmmaker Jim Weter.

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Contest Results:
Film Crash (First Place) [2016]
Austin Fest Film (Honorable Mention) [2018]
Austin Revolution (Finalist) [2018]
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