A Midsummer Night Romance

What do a popular relationship coach, an anti-social cowboy, an AI laptop, and a frou frou dog have in common? Inspired by a true story, this is a light hearted look at a love, life, and what it means to be human, neatly wrapped in one location. Logline: A modern day damsel-in-distress is held captive by a modern day loner cowboy, until his soap-opera-watching laptop falls in love with her lap-dog.

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Elle captures the hearts and minds of many with her unique, entertaining, and insightful brand of storytelling. It's filled with emotional truth, and rooted in her life experiences that range from heart-stopping to heart-tugging.   She specializes in high-concept, female-centric, and character-driven stories, and intricately weaves an exciting and adventurous blockbuster tale, with the heart and soul of an indie film.   Her stories captivate you from the first scene, and take you on a wild journey, culminating with a visceral and cathartic moment that will change your life forever.

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