Born Hutsi

The colonization in Rwanda saw that the country was left divided into three fraction fictional ethnics such as Hutus, Tutsis and Twas. Post-colonial governments sowed hate in the population that led to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis perpetrated by mostly Hutus. This feature film follows the love story and troubles of a young mixed couple of a Hutu young man, Bigirinka and Tutsi young woman, Ingabire, in the '80s before and through the Genocide against Tutsis. It is part of a cinquology sequel that navigates the idea of generational trauma.

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Fiston Mudacumura, born in 1990, is a Rwandan writer, director, and producer. He started in the audiovisual industry as a contributing storyteller of a kids' show on TV10 Rwanda in 2013. In 2016, he did “Bicycle Taxi Man,” which was screened in Australia at the Focus on Ability Film Festival/ online. In 2017, he worked on episode 3, the TUKO Film web series, as part of a capacity-building project organized by Germany’s Goethe Institut and Yole Africa in Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo).

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