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The Teenage Bodyguard - TrueCrime/Biopic

Unusually accomplished teen stands between traumatized female murder witness and the Mafia for a week of fun, frolic, and death, in 1974. Tag: Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll meet sex, guns & mayhem. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TeenageBodyguard/photos https://www.scriptrevolution.com/scripts/the-teenage-bodyguard

Written by: JZ Murdock    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Ansel Elgort
Nina Dobrev
In the Vein Of: A Place Beyond the Pines
Baby Driver
Posted: 01/14/2015
Updated: 03/15/2019
Author Bio:
Industry insiders who read The Teenage Bodyguard, love it. Story has never been told before though it was a highly documented and reported upon crime family in an untapped era and location, that required restructuring the Pierce County Washington government.

Accolades: Bluecat Screenplay: "Overall, The Teenage Bodyguard is one heck of a life story that I'm surprised isn't on the big screens already. A well done Thriller that knows how to lure you into a story about two unlikely people and how they took a turn for the unexpected.

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