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When a catastrophic accident causes an athlete to become paralyzed, and all seems to be lost, he finds redemption in the most unlikely place, with a gaggle of colorful characters in a halfway house for the mentally disabled. Winner of 19 'Best Screenplay' awards. Previously #1 on the feature Drama & Family 'Winning Lists.'

Written by: David J Schroeder     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
In the Vein Of: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Girl Interrupted
Posted: 05/16/2011
Updated: 11/10/2018
Author Bio: Winner of 63 'Best' screenplay awards with 6 different scripts since 2010.

My first production, THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT with actor Jordi Vilasuso, and director Alex Merkin, premiered in 19 countries, screened in 123 film festival, and won 95 Best Film Awards/12 Best Screenplay Awards - so far.

Contest Results: NYTVF Scripts (First Place) [2017]
Diversity Film & Script (First Place) [2017]
Cincinnati Film Festival (First Place, 2015) [2015]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist, Drama) [2017]
Northeast Film Festival (First Place) [2014]
Marquee Lights (First Place) [2014]
Los Angeles Independent (Second Place) [2016]
WeScreenplay Feature (Finalist, Top 25) [2014]
Twister Alley Festival (Finalist, 2017) [2017]
South Carolina Underground (Finalist) [2017]
Sacramento Fest (Finalist) [2018]
Depth of Field (Second Place) [2014]
Courier (Second Place) [2014]
New York Screenplay (Second Place, Empire Award/Drama) [2014]
iHolly (Finalist, 2016, top 10) [2016]
Faith in Film (Semifinalist) [2017]
NYLA Film Festival (First Place) [2011]
Sunset Film Festival (First Place) [2012]
Illinois International (First Place) [2012]
Awareness Festival (Finalist) [2015]
San Francisco Global (Finalist) [2015]
Universe Multicultural (Finalist, Top 9) [2015]
California Independent (First Place, 2012) [2012]
L.A. Cinema Festival (First Place) [2010]
Hollywood International (Semifinalist) [2018]
Sunset Film Festival (First Place) [2012]
New Hope (First Place) [2013]
Script House (Third Place) [2014]
Aura Screenwriter Awards (Third Place, 2014) [2014]
Evolution (First Place) [2012]
NYLA (First Place) [2011]
L.A. Film & Script (First Place) [2010]
Metropolitan (First Place) [2010]
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (First Place) [2010]
Moondance (First Place) [2011] (First Place) [2011]
Ohio Independent (First Place) [2011]
Slamdance (Finalist, Accessible Division) [2010]
Mongolia Festival (Finalist, Top 10, winner pending) [2014]
Pasadena Festival (Semifinalist, Top 13) [2015]
George Lindsey UNA (Second Place) [2011]
L.A. Reel (Second Place) [2010]
Indie Gathering (Second Place) [2011]
Red Inkworks (Second Place)
Another Sleepless Night (Second Place) [2008]
Amsterdam (Second Place) [2011]
River Bend Film Fest (Second Place) [2013]
Pasadena Festival (Semifinalist, Top 13) [2015]
Florida Media Market (Second Place) [2008]
Fresh Voices Feature (Finalist, 'Diversity and Inclusion')
Richmond Fest (Finalist)
Mountain Film (Third Place) [2012]
Vegas Indie (Third Place) [2013]
L.A. Movie (Third Place) [2010]
Capital Fund (Honorable Mention, 2016, #15 on the Hot List) [2016]
NOVA Film Fest (Honorable Mention) [2015]
True Story (Quarterfinalist) [2015]
Film Crash (Quarterfinalist) [2015]
Colortape (Finalist) [2013]
Charleston International (Finalist) [2010]
Nice International (Finalist, Top 11) [2013]
Urban Mediamakers (Finalist, Top 5) [2012]
Peachtree Village (Finalist, Official Selection) [2013]
Naperville Independent (Finalist, Top 5) [2010]
Silent River (Finalist, Top 6) [2013]
Buffalo Niagara (Finalist, Winners still pending)
Honolulu (Finalist)
Act One (Finalist)
Writers Place (Finalist)
Burbank Film Festival (Finalist, winner pending)
Dixie Festival (Finalist, Top 5, winner pending)
RIIFF/Rhode Island (Semifinalist, Winner pending)
Twin Rivers (Finalist) [2012]
International Filmmaker (Finalist, Top 20)
Toronto Film and Video (Finalist) [2013]
Hoboken Fest (Finalist, Top 6 Nominee) [2009]
Garden State (Finalist, Top 5, winner pending)
Final Draft/Big Break (Quarterfinalist)
Irvine Film Festival (Finalist, 7th Place)
Wild Rose (Finalist, Top 5) [2011]
SkyFest (Finalist)
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist)
Screenwriter Takes All (Finalist)
Screenplay Search (Finalist, 4th) [2011]
Woods Hole (Finalist, 4th) [2008]
New Century (Finalist, 4th)
Alaska Fest (Finalist, 4th Place)
Extreme Feature (Finalist)
Landlocked (Finalist, top 5)
Tulsa (Finalist)
Los Angeles Screenplay (Finalist, 5th Place)
Hollywood Screenplay (Finalist)
Colorado Fest (Finalist, 8th)
Smashcut (Finalist, 6th Place) [2011]
SURGE! (Finalist)
Queens (Finalist) [2009]
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist)
Gotham Screen (Semifinalist)
Stage 32 Feature (Honorable Mention)
Gimme Credit (Semifinalist)
Writers On The Storm (Quarterfinalist)
Reel Authors (Semifinalist, Top 8, winner still pending)
Fade In (Semifinalist, Winners still pending)
New Hampshire (Quarterfinalist, Top 25)
Script Showcase (Quarterfinalist)
Indie Fest USA (Quarterfinalist, Top 16) [2013]
Yosemite Fest (Honorable Mention) [2011]
Downbeach (Honorable Mention, 4th) [2010]
FilmMakers/Feature (Quarterfinalist, Winner pending)
Canada Fest (Honorable Mention)
Bare Bones (Honorable Mention) [2010]
NexTV Writing & Pitch (Quarterfinalist) [2012]
Love Unlimited Festival (Honorable Mention, Top 4) [2011]
L.A. New Wave (Honorable Mention) [2011]